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We Are Warriors - abbyli - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Catelyn is saved by Jon Snow after Red Wedding and to her great surprise and joy, her Robb has survived too. They find shelter in Jon's home, and as a new battle in the war brews, Catelyn struggles to forgive.
genre:Alternative_Universe  ship:Jon/Sansa  fanfiction:excellante_L3  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  ♛_✷:au_enjoyable  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update 
august 2016 by persassy
Of Fealty and Freedom - rnewton - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
Having defeated the Boltons in the climactic Battle for the North, Jon Snow longs to put down his sword and search for peace and summer in the South. But winter is coming, and with Winterfell comes responsibility. Jon quickly finds himself trapped in his own home - forced to take up the mantle of leadership he never wanted and govern a deeply divided people while his relationship with Sansa slowly changes. Loyalties are tested and alliances are questioned as the North thirsts for vengeance and readies itself for the wars to come.
ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  fanfiction:excellante_L3  genre:Facing_the_Future_(with_most_of_the_canon_intact)  core_competencies:silk_hiding_steel  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  ♛_✷:au_enjoyable  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update  core_competencies:knight_in_sour_armour 
august 2016 by persassy
Of Winter Nights and Autumn Skies - shipwreckinabottle - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Newcomer actress Sansa Stark is cast opposite award winning veteran actor Jon Snow in GRRM's upcoming mobster biopic - A Game Of Loans. Known as the nation's sweetheart with her cheerful and lovable personality, Sansa Stark works hard and strives only for the best. She sees the production as a chance to break free from her typecast, an opportunity to finally be taken seriously. Jon Snow on the other hand, is long past his prime, known nowadays more for his unprofessionalism and his drunken antics - he shows up two hours late on the first day of production, reeking of alcohol and mistaking her for his assistant. Emotions quickly clash and personalities collide, but in filming those long winter nights, they do share the same autumn skies. For when the lights dim and the cameras roll, they find themselves in the same world after all.
genre:Alternative_Universe  genre:Slap_Slap_Kiss_Kiss  ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  fanfiction:awesomesauce  ♛_✷:au_enjoyable  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update  type:fanfiction 
august 2016 by persassy
You Have All of Me - angelwings80 - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Jon is the new boy in town. He wears all black, keeps to himself, and passes his time reading and drawing. Sansa is the popular good girl....and she is in love with the one boy nobody expects.
genre:Alternative_Universe  genre:Smutty_McSmut  ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  fanfiction:excellante_L3  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  ♛_✷:au_enjoyable  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update  genre:Romance_Arc 
august 2016 by persassy
When the winter comes - Lady_Winterrose - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sansa was very excited when the boats finally arrived at Hogwarts with the sunset shining bright on its back. Remembering the stories her parents and brother always told her and her siblings after dinner in their living room. Now being able to see the big school itself was a big difference. Quickly Sansa turned around to look at her new friend Margaery.
genre:Xover  genre:Alternative_Universe  ship:Jon/Sansa  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  fanfiction:excellante_L3  fandom_xover:stranger_in_a_familiar_land  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  ♛_✷:au_enjoyable 
august 2016 by persassy
Always in My Heart - Sia345 - Game of Thrones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Jon Snow would like to avoid Sansa Stark for the rest of his life if he could. Unfortunately avoiding her is hard when they are once again living under the same roof thanks to the crazy wedding of Robb and Margaery. It gets even harder when he finds himself in another lifetime with her.
genre:Alternative_Universe  genre:Slap_Slap_Kiss_Kiss  ship:Jon/Sansa  fanfiction:excellante_L3  ♛:king_and_the_wolfheart  z:ao3  fandom:asoiaf  type:fanfiction  ♛_✷:au_enjoyable  fanfiction_reading:waiting_for_an_update  ship:Robb/Margaery 
august 2016 by persassy

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