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The Best Antivirus Is Not Traditional Antivirus: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
Wirecutter's guide to the best antivirus for Windows and Mac. Short version: just use what comes with your computer, and MalwareBytes
security  malware  virus  #tw 
6 weeks ago by nrturner
Facebook to exclude billions from European privacy laws
GDPR is such a threat to Facebook’s business model that non-EU users won’t get the same privacy protections
facebook  data  privacy  gdpr  #tw 
8 weeks ago by nrturner
Upgrade starts on UK's tallest tower at Emley Moor - BBC News
Arqiva are about to spend 5 years upgrading Emley Moor Transmitter, Britain’s tallest free-standing structure.
tv  arqiva  transmitter  emleymoor  #tw 
9 weeks ago by nrturner
Theresa May swaps Blackberry for iPhone - BBC News
Theresa May has finally ditched her Blackberry for an iPhone.
theresamay  blackberry  #tw 
11 weeks ago by nrturner
Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more: We put 7 speakers to the test - BBC News
The BBC compares 7 smart speakers (but doesn’t really recommend any of them)
googlehome  homepod  amazon  alexa  #tw  siri  apple  google 
march 2018 by nrturner
US e-passports haven't been verified in over a decade - BBC News
US Government: People travelling to the US must have an e-passport y be eligible for a visa waiver.

Also US Government: We’ve never had the right software to verify e-passports.
#tw  passport  travel 
february 2018 by nrturner
Moon to get 4G mobile network - BBC News
Parts of Britain struggle to get even half decent internet, but hey, let’s put a 4G network on the Moon.
broadband  4g  #tw  internet 
february 2018 by nrturner
Anger at Google image search 'peace deal' - BBC News
Dammit, Google’s settlement with Getty means they’ve removed the Search by Image function, which was great for checking fake news.
google  getty  image  #tw 
february 2018 by nrturner
Crypto-currency craze 'hinders search for alien life'
Demand for GPUs to mine crypto currencies is having an effect on SETI’s ability to analyse radio signals
bitcoin  gpu  seti  #tw  cryptocurrencies 
february 2018 by nrturner
The UK's least-served railway stations
A list often UK’s least-served railway stations. All get the equivalent of less than 2 trains per day.
stations  trains  transport  railways  #tw 
january 2018 by nrturner
Trump says F-52 jet found only in Call of Duty sold to Norway - BBC News
“President Donald Trump has mistakenly said the US sold Norway fighter jets that exist only in a video game.”

Words fail me.
donaldtrump  trump  callofduty  #tw  norway 
january 2018 by nrturner
Taiwanese police give cyber-security quiz winners infected devices
‘Congratulations, you won a prize in our cyber security quiz! You get... a malware-infected USB stick!’
#tw  security  malware  taiwan 
january 2018 by nrturner
Is it true only 10% of Americans have passports? - BBC News
It's a myth that only 10% of Americans have passport; nowadays, it's more like 40% and increasing.
#tw  passport  travel  america  usa 
january 2018 by nrturner
Psychedelic toasters fool image recognition tech - BBC News
This may be the first time I’ve seen the phrase ‘psychedelic toaster’ in a headline.
#tw  toaster 
january 2018 by nrturner
Veganism: How a maligned movement went mainstream
TIL that ‘beaumangeur’ was an alternative proposed name for the Vegan movement.
vegan  #tw  diet  food 
december 2017 by nrturner
Apple to release source code for pre-Mac computer Lisa - BBC News
The source code for the OS on the 1983 Apple Lisa computer is due to be released by the Computer History Museum next year.
history  opensource  apple  #tw 
december 2017 by nrturner
Chinese skyscraper to be auctioned online
Want to buy a 156 metre high Chinese skyscraper (part complete)? Yours for £62m.
auction  skyscraper  building  China  #tw 
december 2017 by nrturner
How the BBC News website has changed over the past 20 years - BBC News
This week is the 20th anniversary of the launch of BBC News Online.
#tw  bbc  news 
november 2017 by nrturner
Australia cockatoos chew billion-dollar broadband - BBC News
Cockatoos chewing through cables is the latest problem for Australia’s broadband network.
#tw  internet  australia 
november 2017 by nrturner
I just got my free Hacktoberfest shirt. Here’s a quick way you can get yours.
How to get a free T-shirt by making a few Git pull requests and helping an open source documentation project
git  tshirt  clothing  coding  free  #tw 
october 2017 by nrturner

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