Pinboard or Delicious?

Switch if you want...

  • Speed, speed, speed
  • An information-dense user interface.
  • An ad-free site with no third-party tracking.
  • A way to save notes and other snippets of text as bookmarks.
  • No length limits on descriptions.
  • A way to quickly save and restore open tabs.
  • Built-in integration with Instapaper.
  • A fandom-friendly site.
  • Built-in sync of links and favorites from multiple Twitter accounts.
  • A searchable archive of all your tweets and favorites.
  • The ability to bookmark by email from your iPhone.
  • Strong privacy controls, including private tags only you can see.
  • Quick-edit features to organize lots of bookmarks at once.
  • Prompt and helpful support from the developer.

  • ...and if you get the $25/year archival account:

  • A permanent personal copy of every bookmark you save.
  • Full-text search of all your bookmarks
  • Dead link and error detection

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Stay if you…

  • Like a more graphical UI.
  • Don't want to pay for bookmarking.
  • Want to see thumbnails of your bookmarks.
  • Want to auto-post to Twitter from your account.
  • Want to use the new 'stacks' feature.
  • Like the thrill of hosting bookmarks with a new company.
  • Rely on the Firefox plugin and sidebar.
  • Use bookmarks for SEO or marketing.
  • Want the ability to have whitespace in your tags.