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Browser Extensions

Here are the official Pinboard browser plugins:

Opera users can try a third-party extension - Pinboard Toolbar buttons - for quick bookmarking and tagging.

Javascript Widgets

Little pieces of Javascript code you can paste into a blog or web page template to display your tags and links, styled however you want.

  • Linkroll: show a list of your most recent bookmarks.
  • Tag cloud widget: create a handsome javascript tag cloud on any web page.

Mobile Apps

There's a mobile version of Pinboard. You can post bookmarks by email, which can be easier than regular bookmarking when on a mobile device.

I don't make an iPhone or Android app for Pinboard, but encourage any third-party apps that want to add Pinboard support.

Here's a short list of some of those great third-party apps:


  • Yummy is a full-featured Pinboard client.
  • Pushpin is a dedicated Pinboard client for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Pinner is a dedicated iPhone app for Pinboard.
  • Reeder is a feed reader and Google Reader client that lets you save items to Pinboard.
  • Tweetbot is a Twitter iPhone client with Pinboard support.


  • PinDroid is a free, full-featured Pinboard client issued under the GPL.

Desktop Apps

  • Shiori is a Pinboard and Delicious OS X client.
  • Delibar. Full-featured bookmarking app with very nice interface.
  • Thumbtack. Puts your recent Pinboard items in the menu bar.
  • Spillo. A pretty desktop client for OS X.
  • ReadKit is a read later client for Mac that supports Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard and Delicious.
  • NetNewsWire. User patrix has posted instructions for posting to Pinboard from NetNewsWire.
  • Little Bookmark Box is a browser assistant for bookmarking, with Pinboard integration.


  • evernote-bookmarks– converts Evernote XML format into something Pinboard can import.
  • Launchbar. Search your Pinboard bookmarks with Launchbar.
  • Stale. Stale link finder for Pinboard (note that archival users get this feature within Pinboard).

Web Apps

  • Paperback. A simple, paid, read-later service for Pinboard.
  • You can auto-post your Pinboard bookmarks to Tumblr using Pummel.

Developer Libraries








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