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Anthony Doerr | Writer
Anthony Doerr was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of the story collections The Shell Collector and Memory Wall, the memoir Four Seasons in Rome, and the novels About Grace and All the Light We Cannot See, which was awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the 2015 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction.
Doerr’s short stories and essays have won four O. Henry Prizes and been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories, New American Stories, The Best American Essays, The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, and lots of other places. His work has been translated into over forty languages and won the Barnes & Noble Discover Prize, the Rome Prize, the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, an NEA Fellowship, an Alex Award from the American Library Association, the National Magazine Award for Fiction, four Pushcart Prizes, two Pacific Northwest Book Awards, four Ohioana Book Awards, the 2010 Story Prize, which is considered the most prestigious prize in the U.S. for a collection of short stories, and the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award, which is the largest prize in the world for a single short story.
Doerr lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two sons. A number of media interviews with him are collected here. Though he is often asked, as far as he knows he is not related to the late writer Harriet Doerr.
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C4 – Code, creatively. |
C4 is an open-source creative coding framework that harnesses the power of native iOS programming with a simplified API that gets you working with media right away.
动画  交互  iOS 
1 minute ago by rush.yaoqi
Could This Be the End of Paul Simon’s Rhymin’? - The New York Times
“I was 21, maybe 22, when I wrote ‘The Sound of Silence,’ which seems to me like quite a big jump from where I was before that,” he said. “And why or where, I have no idea. I thought the same thing when I wrote ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ —whoa, that song is better than what I’ve been doing. Different chords and something special about it. The same feeling with ‘Graceland,’ and ‘Still Crazy After All These Years.’”
music  people 
1 minute ago by ajb
The Food Lab: A Mind-Blowing Technique for Cleaning Deep-Fry Oil Using Gelatin
Here's the short of it: You can use gelatin to filter cruddy used deep-frying oil until it is crystal clear. The technique is easier than any other method I know, requiring no wire strainers or coffee filters or extensive clean-up.
2 minutes ago by miklb
move like u stole it - Ahavaa - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"No?" Matt had asked, and scratched at the half-healed scab along his ribs. "I dunno, it seemed like - cheating, I guess? I never needed one, nobody ever complained."

"Oh my god," Foggy said. "Cheating. Yeah, like fire is cheating? I mean, Matt, this is tragic, I guess we could still eat our meat raw off - animal bones, sure, whatever, but a steak is so much better than raw meat."
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:e  length:short 
4 minutes ago by seussian
Interactive Exploration of a Dynamical System on Vimeo - Bret Victor's predator prey
A user interface for exploring systems of differential equations. Every variable is shown as a plot; every parameter has a knob that can be adjusted in realtime.…
5 minutes ago by briandk
Candy Land - ChuckleVoodoos - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt is having fun with this, at least in some way. Sucking on Life Savers and smirking, and no guilt at all. If Matt could feel guilt, none of this would be happening. Things might be okay again.

But he doesn’t, and this is what Foggy is left with: a candy-stained mouth and a creature that’s more devil than man.

And Foggy still loves him.
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:m  length:long  tag:personalfaves  tag:dark 
5 minutes ago by seussian
psagers / ansible-ldap — Bitbucket
This project contains a pair of Ansible modules for manipulating an LDAP directory. ldap_entry can be used to ensure that an entire entry exists and ldap_attr can be used to ensure the values of an entry's attributes.
ansible  ldap  module 
5 minutes ago by rkip
Hilary Mantel - Author of Wolf Hall, Bring Up the Bodies, and The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
Hilary Mantel is the two-time winner of the Man Booker Prize for her best-selling novels, Wolf Hall, and its sequel, Bring Up the Bodies—an unprecedented achievement. The Royal Shakespeare Company recently adapted Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies for the stage to colossal critical acclaim and a BBC/Masterpiece six-part adaption of the novels will broadcast in 2015.
The author of fourteen books, including A Place of Greater Safety, Beyond Black, and the memoir Giving up the Ghost, she is currently at work on the third installment of the Thomas Cromwell Trilogy.
5 minutes ago by fridalee
Eres Mi Grande Avocado - ChuckleVoodoos - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt's got this way of speaking in Spanish that's just a little different than his way of speaking in English. In English, all of Matt's words are carefully weighed and measured and cut like crystal. They're precious but planned. With Spanish, the words seem to fall like drops of liquid gold, hot and rich and wild, and it makes Foggy want to gather them to himself and finally be warm.
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:t  length:long 
7 minutes ago by seussian
I Decided This - patster223 - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m contributing yet another lovely sign to our office,” Foggy says, brandishing the finished product with a flourish. Matt can’t see the sign, but he can probably sense the flourish, which is what matters. “It says, ‘It has been ‘0’ days since Matt made an idiotic decision.’”

“Doesn’t seem like it will inspire much trust from our clients.”

What the sign instead inspires: debates, understanding, a patented Murdock-level guilt trip, ice cream celebrations, a kiss, and perhaps even ...
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:t  length:medium 
7 minutes ago by seussian
GitHub - agentrickard/domain: Domain module for Drupal port to Drupal 8.
waako starred agentrickard/domain Saved: June 29, 2016 at 06:15AM

waako starred agentrickard/domain
github  needs-tags 
7 minutes ago by waako
GitHub - timothyneiljohnson/stylelint-property-unknown: A custom stylelint rule to catch usage of unknown properties.
waako starred timothyneiljohnson/stylelint-property-unknown Saved: June 29, 2016 at 06:14AM

waako starred timothyneiljohnson/stylelint-property-unknown
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7 minutes ago by waako
What's Yours Done This Week? - Kryptaria - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Every superhero has a sidekick. A best friend. A lover. An innocent bystander who gets caught up in the chaos. Maybe they become superheroes themselves. Maybe they just learn to deal with their superhero's crap.

Whatever the case, there's one thing they need: people who understand what they're going through.
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:t  length:short  fandom:marvel  pairing:bucky/steve 
8 minutes ago by seussian
Intranet Projekt: Auf, auf, Ihr Intranet-Redakteure! – Intranet
Im Rahmen der mehrteiligen Blog-Reihe gehe ich auf die einzelnen Phasen eines Intranet Projektes ein. Der dritte Teil drehte sich um die die Realisierung – nun also sollte zumindest technisch ein Intranet vorliegen.
injelea-lesenswertes  intranet  writing 
8 minutes ago by fwhamm
Google is adding new ways to track you for ads, but it’s letting you call the shots - Recode
Since it began, Google has kept the vast amount of user data it tracks in silos. Information gathered from users while signed into Google accounts — searches, YouTube videos watched — was kept separate from data on web pages and apps visited.

It’s a way for Google to get ahead of the growth in ad-blocking. By building the feature opt-in, it’s also a way for Google to combat criticism of its privacy practices.

With it, Google is rolling out a new site called My Activity, an extension of My Account, the personal privacy user hub it introduced last year. The new site lets you see all your Google activity — your searches, videos, web history, Android activity (if you have one) and so on — and zap certain records from one portal. (You had to do this in multiple places before.)
9 minutes ago by hakan
Gum Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Linked
brain tissue samples donated by 10 patients without dementia and 10 patients with dementia.They found gum disease bacteria lipopolysaccharides (the surface of the bacterium) in the sample from four of the people with dementia and none of the people who did not have dementia. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream through everyday activities such as eating, chewing and toothbrushing. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria can be carried to other parts of the body.
alzheimers  health  medicine  floss 
9 minutes ago by bwiese
TV Advertising’s Surprising Strength — And Inevitable Fall – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
It’s been a good few months for TV executives, who are in the middle of upfront negotiations with advertisers for the 2016-2017 television season. Variety reports: via Pocket
10 minutes ago by driptray
Choice and chance: When the gunman walked into Pulse, those in his path had only a heartbeat to react | Orlando nightclub shooting | Tampa Bay Times
See more coverage of the Orlando nightclub attack The victims: family, friends remember those killed Developed by Times staff writers Eli Murray, Nathaniel Lash, Eli Zhang and Martin Frobisher; written by staff writers Alexandra Zayas and Michael LaForgia; and reported by staff writers Steve Co via Pocket
10 minutes ago by driptray
we knew the hands of the devil - grimm
Derek will never forget the sound Stiles makes when the alphas take him.

It's small, so soft a human never would have caught it, but to Derek it's as loud as cannon fire; a quick, panicked intake of air that's not a shout, not a scream. It's desperate and frightened and almost Derek's name and it hurts him to the core. Derek roars as Kali lifts Stiles off the bed, the boy struggling against her hold like an oversized doll come to life. Derek fights against the twins, red mist boiling in his vision, fury and terror pumping through his veins.

"Say goodbye, Derek," Kali says softly, triumphantly. "You'll never see him again."
1:teenwolf  2:derek/stiles  bond  amnesia  kidnapped  h/c  *** 
11 minutes ago by pollipocket
コバエや蚊だらけに? 豊洲新市場「海水使用禁止」の弊害 | 日刊ゲンダイDIGITAL
「店舗が狭すぎてマグロが切れない」「水槽が重すぎて床が抜ける」――。東京・築地市場の移転先である豊洲新市場に、続々と“欠陥”が発覚している。 via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  hatena 
11 minutes ago by nakakzs
中国機、空自機に攻撃動作 空自OB指摘、防衛省幹部認める - 共同通信 47NEWS
 元航空自衛隊航空支援集団司令官の織田邦男元空将は28日、インターネットのニュースサイトで、東シナ海上空で中国軍の戦闘機が空自の戦闘機に対し「攻撃動作を仕掛け、空自機が離脱した」とする記事を発表した。詳 via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  hatena 
11 minutes ago by nakakzs
You should see the other guy - GreenQueenofClubs - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
If Foggy Nelson was to be honest with himself, despite all the super heroes running around for years now, he never really thought that he would become best friend with a masked vigilante when he came back to New York, his Harvard Law diploma still fresh from the press.
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:e  length:long 
11 minutes ago by seussian
Rocky Horror Pancake Show - ChuckleVoodoos - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy falls asleep at exactly 12:00 AM, and he’s making a wish. He wakes up at 12:00 AM too—twenty-four hours before he fell asleep.

"Let's do the time warp again!"
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  rating:t  length:long  au:groundhogday  tag:fluff 
12 minutes ago by seussian
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