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Epoch Converter - Unix Timestamp Converter
The Unix epoch (or Unix time or POSIX time or Unix timestamp) is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT), not counting leap seconds (in ISO 8601: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z). Literally speaking the epoch is Unix time 0 (midnight 1/1/1970), but 'epoch' is often used as a synonym for 'Unix time'. Many Unix systems store epoch dates as a signed 32-bit integer, which might cause problems on January 19, 2038 (known as the Year 2038 problem or Y2038).
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1 minute ago by dusko
Letter of Recommendation ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep’ via Instapaper
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1 minute ago by drewcaldwell
Welcome to Dinoclay
The site is undergoing a much-needed renovation. It's taking a while. I almost never have time to work on my own site :<

Glazechem is here. Other information will be back online as soon as possible.
Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words

Back by popular demand. Here are PDF versions of the "dictionaries" (really, translation tables) we created back in 1998-2000. Note that most (if not all) of the email addresses contained in the PDFs are now obsolete.

English - Danish
English - Dutch - French
English - Esperanto - French
English - French
English - French - Spanish
English - German - French
English - Italian - French
English -Portuguese
English - Spanish
English - Swedish
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2 minutes ago by dicewitch
Berry Butter Cake Recipe on Food52
Intriguing condensed milk and brown butter batter that could be the base for a ton more things than jam.
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3 minutes ago by nyx
Randonneure aus Berlin und Brandenburg
ARA Berlin Brandenburg ist einer der Startorte der Audax Randonneurs Allemagne (ARA), einer losen Vereinigung von Langstreckenradfahrern. Audax Randonneurs heißt frei übersetzt "verwegene Radwanderer".
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3 minutes ago by steffenfiedler
Missing link - IFTTT
Favorite tweet:

@ablerism Edinburgh is my birthplace! I'm going to drop you an email soon for a catch up!

— Louise Hickman (@_louhicky) May 1, 2016
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4 minutes ago by ablerism
Video: Jack-Bute, DeGale-Medina Post Presser...UK Express
Video: Jack-Bute, DeGale-Medina Post Presser Highlights Part 2...
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InfyOm Laravel Generator : Laravel Scaffold, CRUD, API Generator
Laravel Generator to generate CRUD, APIs, Test Cases and Swagger Documentation
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4 minutes ago by eheiser
NYTimes: Read This Story Without Distraction (Can You?)
As much as people would like to believe otherwise, humans have finite neural resources that are depleted every time we switch between tasks, which, especially for those who work online, Ms. Zomorodi said, can happen upward of 400 times a day, according to a 2016 University of California, Irvine study. “That’s why you feel tired at the end of the day,” she said. “You’ve used them all up.”

This is why, according to Ms. McGonigal, the ability to monotask might be most valuable in social situations. “Research shows that just having a phone on the table is sufficiently distracting to reduce empathy and rapport between two people who are in conversation,” she said.

“Practice how you listen to people,” Ms. McGonigal said. “Put down anything that’s in your hands and turn all of your attentional channels to the person who is talking. You should be looking at them, listening to them, and your body should be turned to them. If you want to see a benefit from monotasking, if you want to have any kind of social rapport or influence on someone, that’s the place to start. That’s where you’ll see the biggest payoff.”
multitasking  productivity 
4 minutes ago by creimers99
Chinese Duck Fried Rice | A Palatable Pastime
This is something I first had when I was a teenager, from the House of Lam restaurant located along Rte, 3 in southern Illinois. Lee Lam made some of the best fried rice ever. It wasn’t difficult to get him to wax poetic about some of his cooking. He told me how home cooking in the U.S. May 01, 2016 at 05:10PM
4 minutes ago by dpreschel
How to Manage Logs in a Docker Environment With Compose and ELK
The question of log management has always been crucial in a well managed web infrastructure. Well managed logs will, of course, help you monitor and troubleshoot your applications, but it can also be source of information to know more about your users or investigate any eventual security incidents.
docker  elk  ops  devops 
4 minutes ago by enesf
ARA Deutschland: Startseite
Audax Randonneurs Allemagne (ARA) ist ein offener Zusammenschluss für alle, die Freude am sportlich orientierten und gemeinschaftlichen Radfahren haben. Aus Begeisterung für die geniale Einfachheit des Radfahrens organisieren wir deutschlandweit Langstrecken von 200 bis 1200 Kilometer.
cycling  ride  brevet  randonneur  germany  blog 
6 minutes ago by steffenfiedler
For Margot Robbie, the Hustle Never Stops
While taking care not to sound ungrateful, she is openly wrestling with what it means to be so visible and whether this was quite what she envisioned doing at this stage of her career.

“It’s always a hustle,” she said. “I thought it would be a mountain, where you get to the top, and then it’s like: ‘Wheeee! It’s so easy after this.’”

Instead, Ms. Robbie said: “Any time I get near the top, I’m like, ‘There’s another mountain!’ The hustle continues.”
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6 minutes ago by fogfish
an open source pastebin with runnable snippets and API
6 minutes ago by john.dyer
SweGGate Facts Glossary Swedish (Juridik)
A word of caution
Reading old legal documents is a very difficult task requiring multiple skills (old handwriting, old language, legal terminology, history, social structure and conditions etc). Most native Swedes will not fully understand the meaning. The language uses numerous special terms and the phrases are compact, often with a meaning "between the lines". A simple "word by word" dictionary type of translation will often not give you the correct meaning of a phrase or a document and sometimes lead you completely off the track. Add to that the difficult handwriting which causes frequent misreading, reduced only by experience and knowledge of the commonly used expressions.
To make sure you get the correct meaning better leave this task to experts - at the very least let an expert proof-read your finished translation.
swedish  law  dictionary  words 
7 minutes ago by dicewitch
Safe-Space Satanism - disinformation
Probably the coolest website I’ve stumbled upon in the last 6 months or so has been the Secret Sun blog, which showcases the genius level writing of metaphysical pop cultural synchromystic Chris...
8 minutes ago by thx1138
Printing a big map from OpenStreetMap for cheap | Petty
Excellent instructions for downloading a big raster map from OpenStreetMap:

"Use the Firefox browser. (You can probably duplicate these steps in other browsers, but I’ll leave that up to you)
Install the Easy Screenshot add-on. (There are probably equivalent add-ons for other browsers)
Go to BigMap 2, which is a tool created using the open data from OpenStreetMap.
Click and drag and zoom to find the rough area you want a map of. You don’t have to be exact – go bigger than you need.
Select the map display type using the buttons on the right. This is very cool – as well as the regular types you can have a watercolor effect, cycling map, Russian language map, or (my favorite for the work I’m doing at the moment) the toner and toner-lite versions. Play around and see what you like. Another advantage of the open data model is that people are free to create new display types.
Once you’ve selected the area and the map type, click Submit.
In the new screen, you can see a nice big map.


Using the controls, find the area and zoom level you want. I found that zoom level 13 gives nice street- and building-level detail. As you zoom in, notice that the image grows bigger than the browser window and scroll bars have appeared. Scroll around and enjoy your huge map!
Click hide this to hide the control panel. If you need it back, just click the map.
Using the Easy Screenshot add-on, click Capture Whole Web Page. The add-on has some editing tools, but I just click the save button to save the image to the desktop, or copy to put it on the clipboard.
You now have a huge map image you can print, edit, or otherwise use. Enjoy!
If you want to print it on a presentation board, follow the instructions on the old post here."
post  maps  tutorial  howto 
8 minutes ago by np
Captured by one of Orlandes City’s most infamous brotherhoods, the Red Hand Guild, you are thrown to the mercy of the subterranean world deep beneath the streets of the great capital. via Pocket
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8 minutes ago by dcolanduno
Even if the regime is totally inept and corrupt, don’t suppose for a moment that you as the liberator will be greeted with open arms. JAGGED ALLIANCE 2: WILDFIRE brings you back to Arulco. The population is being terrorized by a reckless army; in the meantime the main export goods are drugs. via Pocket
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8 minutes ago by dcolanduno
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