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JS Blocker
JS Blocker is a Safari extension that puts you in control of which scripts—and more—are allowed on any given website—similar to NoScript for Firefox. Frames, objects, videos, and JavaScript annoyances can also be blocked; an image hider prevents webpages from displaying images, too. It protects your privacy, keeps you safe, and speeds up your web browsing.
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just now by gil
Shelter in a Hopeless Place | rogue one: a star wars story
Bodhi Rook was a local boy from Jedha. He'd kept dozens of trivial secrets for Galen and twice betrayed anti-Imperial sentiments. He was perfect for the mission. There was just one problem: Galen didn't want him to leave.
f:rougeone  f:starwars  p:galen/bodhi  g:slash  s:pre-canon  t:angst  t:emotional.manipulation  t:firsttime  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:igrockspock 
1 minute ago by addely
Amanda Litman on Twitter: "100 days ago, @runforsomething was a twinkle in @RossMoRock and my's eyes. (And a reference in Playbook.)"
@amandalitman: "100 days ago, @runforsomething was a twinkle in @RossMoRock and my's eyes. (And a reference in Playbook.)"

100 days ago, @runforsomething was a twinkle in @RossMoRock and my's eyes. (And a reference in Playbook.)

— Amanda Litman (@amandalitman) April 29, 2017
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1 minute ago by icco
Darius Kazemi on Twitter: "fav if u remember the GeoCities Advanced HTML Editor, RT if u like polluting ppl's feeds with borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 90s"
@tinysubversions: "fav if u remember the GeoCities Advanced HTML Editor, RT if u like polluting ppl's feeds with borrowed nostalgia fo…"

fav if u remember the GeoCities Advanced HTML Editor, RT if u like polluting ppl's feeds with borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 90s

— Darius Kazemi (@tinysubversions) April 29, 2017
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1 minute ago by icco
Joey Gallo makes a great diving stop on a hard-hit ball at third base, then recovers to throw out Andrelton Simmons at first base
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1 minute ago by TheSlurve2016
A modern typewriter – Bertrand Fan – Medium
GalliumOS is a Linux distro that is optimized for Chromebooks and can install packages made for Ubuntu.
shopping  writing 
2 minutes ago by robertocarroll
Albert Pujols hits his 594th career home run and moves into sole possession of 15th on the all-time RBI list with a go-ahead jack in the 8th
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2 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Grocery store in CityPlace reopens after evacuation due to chemical leak
A grocery store in the CityPlace development near the waterfront was briefly evacuated after a chemical leak in a nearby pool, Toronto police say.
Police said the Sobeys at Fort York Boulevard and Telegram Mews was evacuated as a precaution at about 2:05 p.m. after a call came in about a chemical leak at a pool nearby.
Callers told police that a chemical smell is wafting into the grocery store. The floor of the building above where the Sobeys is located was also evacuated, firefighter said.
One person reported they had vomited and experienced a burning sensation in their eyes.
Paramedics said they were assessing people at the scene but had not transported anyone.
Canada  public  release  response  pool_chemical 
2 minutes ago by dchas
The Best Gear for Travel | The Wirecutter
Packing a stowable daypack that stuffs down to fit in your luggage when not in use is a relatively small investment of space (about a rolled-up t-shirt’s worth) in exchange for a high return of function and flexibility. We limited our search to packs that had water-bottle pockets (because they’re crucial for keeping hydrated) and US-based warranty coverage (in case anything goes wrong). After spending another four hours checking to see what else has come out since last year and testing three new finalists, our top pick for a lightweight, packable daypack that still packs a punch—i.e., a bunch of stuff—is the Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote for the third year running. Its combination of ergonomics, build quality, and versatility still can’t be beat. It works both as a tote/shoulder bag and as a backpack with breathable, padded straps, making it a veritable Swiss Army knife both for traveling and as a general-use tote. And it’s covered by Patagonia’s lifetime warranty.
2 minutes ago by HM0880
the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit – Freddie deBoer – Medium
For a long time I told the same basic joke about Silicon Valley, just updating as some new walled garden network replicated long-existing technology in a format better able to attract VC cash and, presumably, get them ad dollars.
2 minutes ago by martinkelley
Astros right fielder Josh Reddick races back to the warning track and makes a superb wall-crashing catch in the club's victory over the A's
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2 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Reminiscent of his play in the World Baseball Classic, Yadier Molina catches Eugenio Suarez straying off third base after a walk
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3 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Flowers in the snow | 琅琊榜 | nirvana in fire
Everyone had known. Everyone, including his own mother, had known and kept him in the dark.

AU where Lin Shu and Jingyan have the hug they really needed to have.
f:nirvanainfire  c:xiao.jingyan  p:lin.shu/xiao.jingyan  g:genish  s:au:slightdifference  t:firsttime  t:angst  t:hurt/comfort  l:<2000  r:g  a:cerch 
3 minutes ago by addely
Andrew Benintendi drives a solo home run over the right-field wall as the bullpen police officer celebrates
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3 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Jacoby Ellsbury, Starlin Castro and Matt Holliday hit clutch homers as the Yankees rally to walk off against the Orioles in extras
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3 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Officials: 15 taken to hospitals after chemical spill in Malden
MALDEN, Mass. (AP) — A hazardous materials unit has been sent to a health care facility in Malden after a reported chemical spill sickened more than a dozen people.

Fire officials say the building on Savin Street was evacuated after the incident Friday afternoon and 15 people who complained of nausea and breathing difficulties were taken to area hospitals to be examined.

There was no immediate word on what kind of chemical was involved or how it may have spilled.
us_MA  public  release  injury  unknown_chemical 
3 minutes ago by dchas
Trailer - La Camioneta - YouTube
The journey and transformation of a yellow American school bus into a vibrant Central American camioneta sensitively reveals both the beauty and violence of everyday life in Guatemala. Showing at the 2012 LA Film Fest June 14-24. via Pocket
4 minutes ago by alnetu
Sessions orders Justice Dept. to end forensic science commission, suspend review policy - The Washington Post
Attorney General Jeff Sessions will end a Justice Department partnership with independent scientists to raise forensic science standards and has suspended an expanded review of FBI testimony across several techniques that have come under question, saying a new strategy will be set by an in-house tea via Pocket
4 minutes ago by alnetu
The Corpus Christi Hooks will wear Dia de los Muertos-style uniforms this Memorial Day
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4 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Let's rank all eight -- yes, eight -- homers from the Yankees' wild 14-11 over the Orioles
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5 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Reported gas leak causes students to be evacuated
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – James Monroe Middle School was evacuated Friday morning due to a reported gas leak.

It turns out it was a science experiment gone wrong.

The school called reporting a strong gas odor coming from one of the chemistry rooms.

When firefighters go there they found no gas leak but an experiment.

KRQE News 13 reached out to Albuquerque Public School officials to find out more, but are still waiting for a call back
us_NM  laboratory  release  response  unknown_chemical 
5 minutes ago by dchas
Bob Nightengale on the homecoming for Theo Epstein: "Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein sauntered into Fenway Park on Friday afternoon, uncertain where the visiting clubhouse was located, and got lost on his way to the dugout, but it still felt as if he never left.

He gave a downtown speech in the afternoon at a charity event, sat down for an interview session in front of about 50 reporters and TV crews, signed autographs for fans, greeted Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell and Red Sox employees, and then soaked in the game sitting in the suite of Red Sox President Sam Kennedy, one of his closest friends.

It has been six years since Epstein abruptly left the Red Sox as their general manager, upset over the direction the franchise was headed, and perhaps even fearing what he had become, but now, it felt like home again."
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5 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
Ariel Pink - Put Your Number In My Phone
so delightfully weird. The David Lynch of Pop Music, for sure.
6 minutes ago by yewknee
pyNASA, a Python interface to NASA datasets | Bruno Gonçalves
pyNASA provides a simple interface to obtain seveal NASA datasets and return them as a pandas dataframe ready to use
data  python  nasa  pandas 
6 minutes ago by scale
Boys Keep Fucking Up My Car - shukyou
"Hey, I know a thing or two about cars."

Gabriel kept his expression pleasant, neutral. "Do you," he said, keeping his voice as noncommittal as he could while at the same time yelling over a shitty club backbeat. When he'd started sneaking into clubs at seventeen, using his older cousin's ID, no one had told him the real crime would be that he'd become sick to death of it all by the time he could do it legally.
-originalfic  @shukyou  'fiction  via:sophia_sol 
6 minutes ago by stlkrchck
These guys have been the worst hitters of 2017 so far. | Sports on Earth
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7 minutes ago by TheSlurve2016
After holding Netflix hostage, hacker group claims Fox, National Geographic, IFC and ABC next on their list
Netflix found itself in serious trouble after a hacking group announced that they had stolen the complete season 5 of its hit comedy drama Orange Is The New Black. The hackers reportedly asked for an undisclosed ransom to prevent them from sharing the series online ahead of its premiere on 9 June. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  drudge  report  feed  esoteric  feedly  news  today  politics 
7 minutes ago by Buffalo_Goku
here comes your man | haikyuu!!
Iwaizumi’s left his cell phone on the bench, and while Suga keeps his gaze away from Iwaizumi the phone lights up with a new message.

Iwa-chan, it reads, Have a good day today! Good luck! <3 <3 <3

Suga chokes. It’s hard to imagine anyone calling the scowling and fierce Doctor Iwaizumi “Iwa-chan.” But marriage probably comes with all sorts of liberties.

Mrs. Iwaizumi must be quite the doting wife, Suga thinks. Delivering hand-made bentos and sending along loving messages.
No one really knows much about the new surgical resident, Doctor Iwaizumi, other than the fact that he's married. Suga's determined to find out more, and make a friend of him in the process.
f:haikyuu!!  c:iwaizumi.hajime  p:iwaizumi.haijime/oikawa.tooru  p:sawamura.daichi/sugawara.koushi  g:slash  s:au  s:medical  s:futurefic  t:established  t:fluff  t:humour  t:marriage  l:2000-10000  r:teen  a:newamsterdam 
8 minutes ago by addely
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling - Hogwarts, to welcome you home - gedsparrowhawk (FaceChanger) [Archive of Our Own]
“You understand, Professor,” Harry began, after a moment, “that I don’t have my N.E.W.T.s. I don’t even have my O.W.L.s. Between everything I never had a chance the first time around, and then afterwards there didn’t seem to be much point. Hermione argued for it, of course, but I was so tired of Britain. So technically, I am completely unqualified for the position.”

“Quite a way to begin an interview, Mr. Potter,” McGonagall said dryly.

Or, three years after the war, Harry Potter b...
fandom:harrypotter  *gen 
9 minutes ago by sabriel
Operation Anarchist: The 4chan Trolls Are Working on a Face Database of Antifa Members
Heads up (masks on): 4channers are working on a face database of antifa protesters:

— Jay Owens (@hautepop) April 29, 2017
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9 minutes ago by aleksi
The Art of Aeropress: Make 10 Kinds of Coffee Like Pro Baristas
From championship-winning recipes to experimental methods, find an Aeropress recipe that’s perfect for you. Better yet, try them all Do you want to make a rich, espresso-like cup of coffee without an espresso machine? There’s an Aeropress recipe for that. via Pocket
9 minutes ago by alnetu
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