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Five Very Useful Lightroom Tricks You Might Not Have Known | Fstoppers
Lightroom is an intricate program full of layers of features that go deep beyond the surface interface. As such, there are a lot of hidden tips and tricks that…
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Why the store of the future actually doesn’t want to sell you anything. | Lean Luxe
As you push past the imposing, white double doors, and step into the lobby, the space opens up. High ceilings create a pleasing sense of depth. A network of track lights bathe the floor in crisp, bright light. via Pocket
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Opinion | Who Gets Left Out of the Urban Tech Boom? - The New York Times
Mr. Perry writes about race, structural inequality and urban schools. In the mid-1980s, when I was on my high school’s cross-country team, I used to run along Penn Avenue from my hometown, Wilkinsburg, into the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. via Pocket
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Transit advocates fear that unrealistic hopes for new technology — and how soon it’ll get here — could lead cities down the wrong path. Autonomous vehicles that will outperform buses, cost less than Uber and travel faster than cars stuck in traffic today are two years away. Or 10. Or 30. via Pocket
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The secret t-shirt brand that dresses Peter Thiel, Satya Nadella, & Bo
What happens when the workplace gets more casual and world-famous executives no longer need to buy posh Saville Row or Ermenegildo Zegna suits? They buy $125 polos and $100 t-shirts. And they buy them from an exclusive brand that you’ve never heard of called Håndværk. via Pocket
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Urho3D Wiki
This is the official community effort in an attempt to provide a solid, expanding knowledge base to get you started and keep you going with the Urho3D game engine. There is still a lot to be done so please share your wisdom.
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Urho3D - Documentation
Urho3D ( is a free lightweight, cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine implemented in C++ and released under the MIT license. It utilizes either Direct3D9 or OpenGL for rendering (Shader Model 2 or OpenGL 2.0 required as minimum.)
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The Middle Child Is Going Extinct
Three kids — which a generation ago was considered a slightly smaller brood than ideal — now seems aspirational, even decadent. “A certain set of married, affluent New Yorkers are going for the third child,” the New York Times reported in 2014, and went on to quote a father of three: “At some level, the third child is a proxy for having enough wealth to have a very comfortable life.” For most everyone else, two seems like plenty. Millennials are waiting longer to get married and women are waiting longer to have children. Housing and college are more expensive than ever, and the future of the planet itself is increasingly in question. Personally, I know lots and lots of couples in New York who have children; I know precisely one family with a middle child. That couple has three kids — the Brooklyn equivalent of Cheaper by the Dozen or Jon & Kate Plus 8.
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Weekly Impact Investment Market Update - Invest with Values
Weekly Impact Investment Market Update July 23, 2018 at 01:30PM

Impact Investing & ESG When Will “Socially Responsible” Investing Become Just “Investing” This year marks the 10th anniversary of the global financial crisis, bringing with it an inescapable reminder of the power of the finance industry. While many tangible things have changed over the past decade—from stricter regulation to big banks’ leadership ranks—more subtle, yet […]

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Walter Aduviri – hero or criminal? | New Internationalist
Walter Aduviri – hero or criminal? July 23, 2018 at 01:08PM


Human rights defenders are being criminalized in Peru. John Crabtree highlights the unusual case of Walter Aduviri.



Indigenous Peoples



John Crabtree

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Human rights defenders are being criminalized in Peru. John Crabtree highlights the unusual case of Walter Aduviri.

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via New Internationalist
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Nikon teases its first full-frame mirrorless cameras
Nikon teases its first full-frame mirrorless cameras Prospective July 23, 2018 at 07:39PM


If you thought Nikon was going to introduce its first full-frame mirrorless cameras without some fanfare, you had another thing coming. Nikon has posted a teaser video and "In Pursuit of Light" campaign website that might just hint at what its first pro-oriented mirrorless cams will look like. Provided the brief view is representative, it backs up a number of rumors, including the large mounting format (which could support super-bright f/0.95 lenses), an electronic viewfinder and a more ergonomic design. The lineup could be public as soon as July 23rd, so you may see much more in the near future.

To recap, Nikon is reportedly working on two models aimed at pro photographers who'd otherwise be tempted by a Sony A9 or A7 III. The flagship would pack 45 or 48 megapixels, while a step down would include 'just' 24 to 25 megapixels. You'd have a high-resolution 3.6-megapixel electronic viewfinder for composing shots. You could also expect many of the creature comforts associated with modern high-end cameras, such as 5-axis in-body image stabilization, more than 400 autofocusing points and 4K video.

Whether or not Nikon succeeds is up in the air. The pricing would be competitive at roughly $4,000 for the 48-megapixel model with a kit lens and $2,400 for its 25-megapixel counterpart, but the aftermarket lens selection may be slim at first. You'd see a standard 24-70mm f/4 zoom lens as well as fixed 35mm and 50mm options, and... that's it. Telephoto, macro and other more specialized lenses would be in the works, but would have to wait. And that's a bit risky. While Sony was criticized for having few lenses when its first mirrorless cameras arrived, it now has a fairly robust ecosystem that accommodates most shooting demands. While Nikon's rumored hardware is still leaps and bounds above the ill-fated 1 series cameras, it may be some time before you see full-time photographers switching to this system. Engadget July 23, 2018 at 07:39PM
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Drawing custom health bars with sprite parts | GameMaker Blog
Health bars (or HP Bars) are almost mandatory in any game, and even if it is not a traditional health bar these techniques will hold true for any bar that has positive or negative progress including Time based bars like those seen in Adventure Capitalist, Loading bars to let players know something is happening and what percent that something is on, Mana or Stamina bars and of course everyone’s favorite: Experience bars. GameMaker Studio 2 has a built-in function for drawing health bars for you called:  draw_healthbar which works incredibly well and is easy to implement but what about a fancy progress bar or health bar? Well, for that you need to draw it yourself; worry not though, as I will show you how and then you can apply this to not just bars but for other images as well. What do I mean? Read on to find out.
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Fish lose sense of smell and ability to find food as climate change turns oceans to acid | The Independent
Fish are losing their sense of smell as rising carbon emissions turn the water they live in to acid. Surges in atmospheric carbon dioxide increase ocean acidity as the gas dissolves in water – a phenomenon already known to dissolve the hard outer coatings of shellfish. via Pocket
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Lakers: Lonzo Ball passed LeBron James’ first test for him months ago - Silver Screen and Roll
Much has been made of what type of partnership LeBron James and Lonzo Ball can forge amidst the specter of LaVar Ball, but James may have shown that he can separate the two and learn to trust Lonzo as early as last season.
The first time LeBron James tests Lonzo Ball won’t be when he whips him his first no-look, cross-court pass when the Los Angeles Lakers begin their training camp this fall.
James’ first test for Ball actually came months ago, when the man known as The King took the player who is now his potential protege aside following the Cleveland Cavaliers 121-112 victory over the upstart Lakers in James’ first-ever NBA matchup with Ball, put his jersey over his mouth, and delivered a secret decree.
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Headless CMS powered by Firebase
Looking for ways to manage your e-commerce inventory, company blog, in-app translations and more? Simplify the process and use a general purpose CMS. PushTable easily integrates with static site generators, and mobile SDK
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The “Cobra Effect” that is disabling paste on password fields
Back in the day when the British had a penchant for conquering the world, they ran into a little problem on the subcontinent; cobras. Turns out there were a hell of a lot of the buggers wandering around India and it also turned out that they were rather venomous which didn’t sit well with the colonials. Ingenious as the British were, they decided to offer the citizens a bounty – you hand in dead cobras that would otherwise have bitten some poor imperialist and you get some cash. Problem solved.
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