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Misconceptions About Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Carpeting can be a fantastic feature to your commercial facility. However, there are many misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning.
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[Reviews] | Horror Show, by Michelle Dean | Harper's Magazine
In other words: Listen to the giant. Cooper’s entranced passivity is kissing cousins to Lynch’s — and to that of the viewer of Twin Peaks.

So much good Twin Peaks criticism, without having watched a minute!
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1 minute ago by madamim
The first animal you see in this picture will determine your personality
Personality is made up of a number of traits which come together in a way that is unique to everyone and reveals their true personality. But there is always a central trait or the primary trait, which characterizes a person's overall behavior and attitude.
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Is your fear of radiation irrational? | Mosaic
Listen to or download an audiobook of this story on SoundCloud and iTunes. Bad Gastein in the Austrian Alps. It’s 10am on a Wednesday in early March, cold and snowy – but not in the entrance to the main gallery of what was once a gold mine. via Pocket
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Are there other places you discuss citizen science? : CitizenScience
Besides this subreddit and r/openscience, are there other places you discuss citizen science itself? It could be anything: YouTube channels, mailing lists, blogs (and comment sections), specific writers' sites, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc.I follow the #citizenscience on Twitter, subscribe to the Citizen Science Association's mailing list, and follow a few pages on Facebook. I'm wondering what communities are out there that talk about citizen science as a thing itself, not just particular projects. Thanks.
2 minutes ago by mcman_s
(6) What is the difference between HashSet, HashMap and hash table? How do they behave in a multi-threaded environment? - Quora
What is the difference between HashSet, HashMap and hash table? How do they behave in a multi-threaded environment?
3 minutes ago by jordan23jy
RT : Maine residents should keep calling until is a solid NO on .
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Google Chrome Browser Profile (Mac OS X) | Forensic Artifacts
As part of a lot of Digital Forensics investigations, obtaining information of the user’s browsing habits is an important step.  Safari is the browser de facto on OS X & Firefox has a large user base, but what about Google’s Chrome Browser? Like Firefox before it, Chrome is steadily gaining ground in the browser market share. This post looks to point out where to find the Chrome user’s Profile folder on a Mac hard drive. Most times, the Profile will be saved as “Default”, but be on the look out for multiple profiles. Once you locate and extract the Chrome Profile folder (listed below) from your image, you will need to bring it over to a Windows forensics box so that you can use tools like ChromeAnalysis or ChromeForensics to assist you in parsing out the information stored within it. You will get the following data, which is stored in SQLite files: […]
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what is this concrete beast drinking from the river?
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Big Iron On His Hip - Stoney - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It was a good life. Steady. Quiet. No surprises. Not a one. Not in over six years. Nada, as some of the cowboys said. No sirree, Beacon Hills didn't have a lick of drama or intrigue happening within its county lines. Not one little bit. Day in and day out, not a single surprise to cause a lick of worry. Stiles sighed and folded his towel carefully. Bored. He was bored. It was boring living in Beacon Hills.

...maybe just a littlesomething interesting happening could be nice for a change, though.

Stiles would soon learn what the phrase “eat your own words” meant.
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5 minutes ago by asebi
Houston hospitals see surge in skin infections in Harvey’s wake | Ars Technica
As contaminated flood waters recede in the Houston area, patients with skin infections are spilling into local hospitals and clinics, the Houston Chronicle reports.
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5 minutes ago by jeffhammond
'The Handmaid's Tale' Reinvented Dystopia | WIRED
In anticipation of Sunday's Emmy Awards, this week WIRED staffers are looking back at some of their favorite shows from the past year. The Handmaid’s Tale couldn’t have come to Hulu at a better—or worse—time.
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RT : 35 new players will be demonstrating tomorrow.
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Enforcer or ‘choke point’? Kelly seeks to bring order to chaotic White House. - The Washington Post
White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has a new evening routine: He periodically strolls the perimeter of the White House grounds late at night, inspecting the compound and chatting with Secret Service agents to see if they have what they need. via Pocket
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6 minutes ago by Pejman64
Revelation 12 sign Sept 23, & Dec 13, 2017 + Gentiles were 12 Tribes - Project Nsearch
I'll be adding a new video soon on the Revelation 12 signs Sept 23, 2017 & Dec 13, 2017 + my latest study on the NT that shows gentiles were 12 Tribes in almost all references from the NT. Hopefully I can shoot this video Sunday. via Pocket
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mukiibi peter's Page - Project Nsearch
By supporting our efforts to spread the word of God you can make non-deductible contributions by clicking on the donation buttons below.Your monthly or one time donation helps our recording efforts of God's Word Speaks!  Thank you! Russian Device Cures Diseases! via Pocket
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Riyogems on Twitter: "mesmeric Rutile Quartz CZ Copper Multi Pendant jewelry L-1in US gift idea"
mesmeric Rutile Quartz CZ Copper Multi Pendant jewelry L-1in US gift idea

— Riyogems (@Riyogems) September 23, 2017
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presentable Fire Opal CZ Gold Plated White Pendant supplies L-1.5in US gift idea

— Riyogems (@Riyogems) September 23, 2017
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Luke Fuszard: Ramp up commitment to civic education
‘What year was the United States Constitution written,” I asked. “Was it 1902, 1787, 1802, or 1998?”

Mike, the student to whom I posed this question, rolled his eyes at my query as if to say: “You’re kidding, right?”

This was, I knew, one of the questions posed on the U.S. citizenship exam for which he was studying.

Mike was not a student in the traditional sense, but a Harvard College employee in his mid-forties. He was participating in the school’s Citizenship Tutoring program, in which current students teach American civics to those looking to become naturalized citizens. It was 2008, and I was a student tutor.

Over the course of the semester, I marveled at Mike’s grasp of the American system of government. He eventually passed his citizenship examination with flying colors and is now an actively engaged citizen who regularly votes and volunteers in his community.

With a new school year about to start, Wisconsin’s juniors and seniors will soon be getting their own exposure to civic education. Research has shown that such instruction makes students more likely to vote and volunteer; it even boosts their self-esteem.

All 50 states require high schools to offer at least one course in American government. But few standards cover skills beyond mere factual knowledge, according to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning at Tufts University. Only 10 states mandate teachers of government or civics to be certified in the subject.

Not surprisingly, national civics scores have stagnated. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, less than a quarter of the nation’s eighth graders are proficient in the subject, meaning they could identify a purpose of the U.S. Constitution or recognize a role performed by the Supreme Court.

Within the last two years, state government leaders have expressed dismay at how few people understand the workings of the U.S. government. As a result, several states — including Wisconsin — now require the completion of a civics assessment to receive a high school diploma.

The Badger State evaluation consists of 100 questions taken directly from the naturalization exam administered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Participants must correctly answer 60 questions to pass.

Unfortunately, the bill did not allocate any additional funds for school districts to test, grade or keep records of student scores. Instead of facilitating in-depth dialogues, some school districts have simply posted the questions and answers on their respective websites for students to memorize. A mere multiple-choice assessment does not promote the relevance of citizenship to students’ lives.

The return to a more operational form of civics education will require much effort. The first step is to take an honest assessment of where we currently stand.

Thirty states already administer their own comprehensive civic health surveys to measure how much people trust their neighbors, are active in their communities and interact with their government. The resulting reports examine not only voter turnout and volunteerism but also group membership and family relationships among different demographic groups.

Wisconsin must do the same. Only then can we understand Wisconsin’s strengths and weaknesses, and take steps to improve opportunities to increase civic engagement, build stronger communities and advance our democracy.
9 minutes ago by ccenews
Black cab drivers, sexual assault — and why you should always read the data
I recommended “Black cab drivers, sexual assault — and why you should always read the data” on @Medium
10 minutes ago by bensauer
SteveHoffman.TV – Home of Audiophile Mastering Engineer Steve Hoffman
Thank you for visiting Steve Hoffman's Web site. Our forums are free to join. Follow the link above to take part in our community!
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New Report Destroys Fabricated Myth of Syria's 'White Helmets' - 21st Century Wire
Reporter Murad Gazdiev and 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley also demonstrate how money is laundered through various western NGOs in order to prop-up the public image of this maleficent organization in Syria. via Pocket
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“A binge never happens in a peaceful, loving environment. So, if you can create that environment somehow for yourself that’s going to be the way.
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