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SVG has more potential · MadebyMike
19 Sep 2016 I think many of us are not using SVG to its full potential. I often see SVG used as an alternative image format or as a simple solution for icons, and whilst it
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Nazis im Fußball: Die Rassisten sind immer da - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die NPD weiß, wo ihre Anhänger von morgen jubeln und zeigt deshalb in den Fußballklassen von der Regionalliga abwärts Präsenz. Nazis auf den Rängen sind keine Seltenheit. Manche Clubs beschäftigen sie sogar als Sicherheitsdienst, wie das Fußballmagazin "RUND" herausfand.
spon  fußball  nazis  chemnitz  NS-Boys  hoonara  security  CFC 
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Justine Arreche on Twitter: "They did not lie. Same-hour delivery 📦"
@SaltineJustine: "They did not lie. Same-hour delivery 📦"

They did not lie. Same-hour delivery 📦

— Justine Arreche (@SaltineJustine) September 28, 2016
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Russian political jokes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An artist is commissioned to create a painting celebrating Soviet–Polish friendship, to be called "Lenin in Poland." When the painting is unveiled at the Kremlin, there is a gasp from the invited guests; the painting depicts Nadezhda Krupskaya (Lenin's wife) naked in bed with Leon Trotsky. One guest asks, "But this is a travesty! Where is Lenin?" To which the painter replies, "Lenin is in Poland."
1 minute ago by ajb
REQUEST: Dean/Castiel, gore, consensual violence
So Mark of Cain Dean has to fill a quota for bloodlust, and Castiel, as an angel, can only die if you use the right blade.

So what if a solution that they come up with was, when Dean gets really, really bent out of shape, to lock him & Cass in a room together. There's no angel blade, nothing than can kill Castiel, but Dean has every other weapon he could want to beat up, maim, & otherwise tear the angel apart until he's satisfied.

If there's any fucking involved, I generally prefer bottom!Dean, but I'll take him on top too considering the circumstances. I'm also really partial to wound fucking, skull fucking, & anything else thats bloody & messy, short of scat. Dub-con is fine, & if it starts out with Cass's consent but then Dean goes to far & it turns into non-con, that's also ok.

You can end it however you like..I could make suggestions but honestly I have thousands, & I do like to see what people come up with.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  gore  kink:violence 
2 minutes ago by Mayalaen
US Economic Forecast Q3 2016 - Deloitte University Press
Notwithstanding high consumer confidence and employers’ willingness to hire, GDP growth has remained sluggish; goods have lagged even as services have stayed strong. But don’t blame election-year uncertainty for the weakness.
economic-forecast  economic-indicator-reports  Around-the-web  this-week-365 
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BlackBerry Misses Sales Estimates; Stops Making Smartphones - Bloomberg
The end of an era. There still will be BlackBerry-branded handsets, but they’ll be made and distributed by other companies.

2 minutes ago by rufous
OpenDOAR - Home Page - Directory of Open Access Repositories
OpenDOAR is an authoritative worldwide directory of academic open access repositories.
GLAMs  digital_repositories  repositories  discovery  openaccess 
3 minutes ago by astein
Request: Dean/Cas, DID, guilt, falling in love
Dean and Jimmy Novak have been friends and neighbors for awhile. Jimmy has Dissassociative Identity Disorder and has a separate personality that calls himself Castiel. Dean is falling in love with Castiel.

Jimmy's disorder is getting worse, his alter ego is taking over more frequently. Dean knows it's related to him, that the closer he and Cas get the worse Jimmy gets. He feels awful, absolutely ridden with guilt that every time he sees Jimmy he wishes it was Cas.

Jimmy goes in for treatment and it works, Cas gets buried for awhile. Dean's heart breaks every single time he sees his friend. He hates himself for wishing that his friend was sick. But, Cas is just as much of a person as Jimmy is, at least to Dean. I'd like it if Castiel became the dominant personality and that was eventually accepted.

Twists that could come in: by repressing Castiel and Cas' own guilt a third more sinister personality starts to emerge. I'm thinking Lucifer.

Cas and Dean never fall asleep together because Dean doesn't want to wake up next to Jimmy. Jimmy doesn't have the same problem and Castiel occasionally wakes up next to Jimmy's girlfriend, sometimes when she's trying to wake him up with sex.

Castiel wrote a note to Jimmy giving him permission to "kill" Cas because Castiel felt really guilty about taking over Jimmys life but he never told Dean about his decision. Especially since he didn't know if any treatment would work.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  mentalillness  au 
3 minutes ago by Mayalaen
The Democratization of Censorship - @briankrebs
I don’t know what it will take to wake the larger Internet community out of its slumber to address this growing threat to free speech and ecommerce. My guess is it will take an attack that endangers human lives, shuts down critical national infrastructure systems, or disrupts national elections.

But what we’re allowing by our inaction is for individual actors to build the instrumentality of tyranny. And to be clear, these weapons can be wielded by anyone — with any motivation — who’s willing to expend a modicum of time and effort to learn the most basic principles of its operation. - Brian Krebs
otf  krebs  ddos  security  attack  privacy  rr  rapidresponse  jigsaw 
3 minutes ago by dmcdev
Learn Premiere Pro, get help and support | Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Get started or go deeper with our library of tutorials, projects and articles
video  tutorial  Premiere 
3 minutes ago by fozbaca
Request: J2, top!Jensen, bottom!Jared, Gag-reel, slutty!Jared
I just wanna read something with super slutty Jared.

So,Jared is a little(okay, a giant) slut. He likes to show-off, likes to flaunt his ass around, likes to bend over for all the manly and not-so-manly guys. He's also a size queen. He talks and fantasizes about fooling around and having sex with bigger/manlier guys, wendigos etc. But since he's a goofball and since he lacks a brain-to-mouth filter, pretty much no one takes his antics seriously. Including Jensen.

And that is a problem because, Jared tried everything he could to get Jensen's attention. He tried the little brother/best friend route, tried with hugs and little touches and heart eyes, tried to drop plenty of hints, tried kissing/licking Jensen on and off camera. He's done everything but saying the actual words, he's given plenty of "Ackles fuck me now" signals and the result is....frustrating. Jensen, like the competitive bastard he claims to be, mistakes Jared's teasing to a prank and not an invitation to get some fabulous Padalecki ass.

So maybe this time Jared goes a step too far, maybe he bends over for Rob/Mark/Misha and enacts the whole "get in me now" scene, maybe he accidentally licks Jensen's crotch while filming Baby, maybe he spills his dreams of getting double fucked by a wendigo and Jensen after a number of drinks.

So Jensen, being the awesome friend he is, does his best to fulfill Jared's fantasies. He's not exactly in love with Jared, but he loves Jared and he is a little possessive of his boy/best friend. And he's definitely noticed Jared's ass (honestly, who hasn't?) and is never going to say no to that, so it is no hard ship for him. At least that is how it starts.

Kinks: slutty Jared, Jared's ass, bottom!Jared, Jared reeling his man in, pranks. No bottom Jensen or talking about Jensen's ass, but feel free to wax poetic about Jensen's monster cock.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  top!Jensen  bottom!Jared  slutty!Jared 
3 minutes ago by Mayalaen
Ihre Heiligkeit, die Pizza | Sonntagszeitung
Für vie­le Ita­lie­ner ge­hö­ren auf den be­rühm­tes­ten al­ler Teig­fla­den nur To­ma­ten, Moz­za­rel­la und Ba­si­li­kum – ist die­se Sicht­wei­se zu streng?
Pizza  Mozzarella  Basilikum  Tomate  News  Italien 
4 minutes ago by Einfach_Essen
REQUEST: Jared/Jensen; past non-con, comfort, schmoop
Jensen and Jared have been together for a little while, maybe 5/6 months. Jensen was date raped in college. Jared knows this and so the sexual part of their relationship has been progressing slowly. One night while cuddling and making out things start going a bit further. Jensen is on board--at first. But Jensen is so in love with Jared and wants to please him, so he keeps going along with it. But Jared realizes that Jensen isn’t really into it and stops, Cue Jared being awesome and comforting /reassuring Jensen that he loves him and will always stop when Jensen says.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:jared/omc(s)  noncon  hurt/comfort  fluff 
4 minutes ago by Mayalaen
New $5 Hardcover Guides @ FiveBelow! - Video Game Deals - Cheap Ass Gamer
Saw these guides at the local FiveBelow. All sealed hardcovers. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  cheap  ass  gamer  -  video  g 
4 minutes ago by dcolanduno
Request: Dean/any, Omega Dean, fuck or die
Werewolves can't shift until they're in their teens. It is because of this that their 'real' gender doesn't become clear until they can shift.

What makes a shifter an Alpha or Omega, is the gender they have in their wolf form since it is seen as the shifter's real form, as compared to the human disguise they have at birth.

John was made aware of this when he married Mary, but he never really thought about it, or understood it, until his eleven to thirteen year old eldest son shifted for the first time, and ended up as a female or Omega wolf rather than a male or Alpha one.

John had promised Mary that if one of her children turned out to be Omega, that he'd bring the boy to a Pack where he could find a mate to help him through his heat. It isn't until Dean goes into first heat, that he understands why this is necessary.

Luckily for them, there's a Pack near the place they are, and John is almost desperate when he goes into the Pack's territory, to try and find their help.

The Pack's Alpha takes one look of Dean, and knows the boy is his mate, whom he's been waiting for, for decades. (I'd prefer it if the Alpha is at least twenty years older than Dean)

John isn't too happy to allow a grown man to fuck his son, but when it's made clear that Dean could die if he isn't knotted, claimed and/or bred and soon, he finally allows it.

Best if Dean is scared, maybe even feeling betrayed when his father hands him over to the Alpha to be bred. He was raised as a human, so unlike your typical Omega, he doesn't see this is a normal thing.
:spn  underage  werewolves  omega!Dean  fuckordie  pairing:dean/any  alpha/beta/omega  dubcon  au 
5 minutes ago by Mayalaen
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