About The Site

Pinboard is a bookmarking website for introverted people in a hurry.

The focus of the site is less on socializing, and more on speed and utility. Pinboard tries to offer useful features without getting in your way.

My highest priority is keeping your data safe over the long term.

Business Model

Users pay eleven dollars a year.

Pinboard also offers a personal web archive, at a cost of $25/year. Users who choose archiving get a permanent, cached copy of every bookmark they save, and can search the full text of their saved links.


Pinboard is faster than any other bookmarking site, sometimes by a lot.

For users who choose the archiving option, Pinboard is the only site that stores and indexes full page content, not just HTML.

Since Pinboard is a small site, customers receive prompt support straight from the developer. Check out the Pinboard twitter feed for examples of support requests and how I respond to them.

The site has a proven revenue model and has been profitable since launch. I intend to run it for many years in its present form.

There's a terrific user community that includes people from many countries, and with many interests. If you do choose to use the site's social features, you'll find some fascinating links.

Ask about Pinboard on Twitter! The site's users are outspoken people.

Why Pay For Bookmarking?

It boils down to this: running a web service costs money. If you're not paying for your bookmarking, then someone else is, and their interests may not be aligned with yours.

Because Pinboard is fully supported by user payments, the site will never show ads, and I will never share user data with third parties.


I wrote Pinboard in the spring of 2009 as a personal project, partly out of frustration with a redesign of Delicious that I felt removed a lot of utility from the site, and partly because I had long wanted to have a bookmarking site that would archive my bookmarks. I invited volunteers to test the site in June of 2009, and started offering paid accounts in July.

The service has stored about 69 million bookmarks as of March 2013, and has just over 22 thousand active users.


Pinboard is written in PHP and Perl. The site uses MySQL for data storage, Sphinx for search, Beanstalk as a message queue, and a combination of storage appliances and Amazon S3 to store backups. There is absolutely nothing interesting about the Pinboard architecture or implementation; I consider that a feature!

The site runs on two pairs of dedicated SuperMicro servers located in Sacramento and Fremont, California. You can read more about the hardware behind the site (and other technical topics) on the Pinboard blog.


You can reach me by email at support@pinboard.in, or as Pinboard on Twitter.

Feature requests and general discussion are welcome at the Google discussion group.