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package main

import "fmt"

type exception struct {
class string
message string

func (e exception) Error() string {
return e.message

func throw(class string, msg string, args ...interface{}) *exception {
// We could call panic() in here but we leave it at the callsite
// to clue the compiler in that no return after is required.
e := new(exception)
e.class = class
e.message = fmt.Sprintf(msg, args...)
return e

func catch(accept string, x interface{}) *exception {
// Because recover() returns interface{}.
// Return us to the world of type safety.
if x == nil {
return nil
err := x.(*exception)
if err.class == accept {
return err

func main() {
defer println("Defer 1")
defer println("Defer 2")
defer println("Defer 3")

defer func() {
fmt.Println("Recover:", catch("recoverable", recover()))
panic(throw("recoverable", "Don't Panic!!!"))

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Notes on a non-trivial Python to Go port.
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