How to Design Programs

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"The typical course on programming teaches a “tinker until it works” approach. When it works, students exclaim “It works!” and move on. Sadly, this phrase is also the shortest lie in computing, and it has cost many people many hours of their lives. In contrast, this book focuses on habits of good programming, addressing both professional and vocational programmers."
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march 2018 by garrettc
An introduction to programming and computing. Looks like a good resource for a general overview of programming, design patterns etc. Alternatives could be:

- Structure and interpretation of computer programs:
- Head First Design Patterns:
- EdX course (similar):
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march 2018 by badlydrawnrob
The second edition has been published on the main page.
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march 2018 by jefframnani
Classic book on learning how to code, now freely available online courtesy of MIT.
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october 2015 by kjh
an intro to programming, with racket
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july 2014 by masukomi
mit scheme book. good introduction to actual program design and architecture, rather than writing functions
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may 2013 by tswaterman