NetNewsWire: Open Source RSS Reader for Mac

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NetNewsWire 5.0 ↦
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4 days ago by pixel
NetNewsWire 5.0 ↦
6 days ago by bhr1
I’ve been testing the alpha for the last few months and it’s really solid. No frills, just a great Mac app that works like you’d expect.
7 days ago by rtvenge
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7 days ago by john.dyer
After many years reading RSS feeds with the supremely elegant and stylish Reeder app, very much enjoying a return to the stripped back simplicity of NetNewsWire (currently in alpha).
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6 weeks ago by konstruktors
NetNewsWire 5.0 is a free and open source feed reader for macOS. It’s so basic it’s not even funny . By design. It’s usable, but it’s not actually shipping. It…
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6 weeks ago by dkiesow
Ein neuer alter -Reader: NetNewsWire
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september 2018 by heinzwittenbrink