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may 2018 by xenocid
This is the list I used 27 years ago(1) when I taught at Stanford. It's a mix of what the previous guy (Bob Hagmann of Xerox PARC) used, what I read at Wisconsin, with a sprinkling of Sun's stuff. In looking this over, it's missing some of the Sun stuff, here are some links, some good papers here especially those that start with "v" (if the formatting in any of these looks wonky let me know, I have the troff source for a bunch of these and had to format it just now to get pdfs, might have screwed something up):
november 2017 by ryanalvarado
I am looking for papers which are easy to understand, papers which are for undergraduates. I often stumble upon papers which require lots of reading to do and soon I have dug into a recursive rabbit hole. I would like to know about papers which have minimal citations/dependencies and only require knowledge of CS basics.

A good example of such paper would be Bitcoin. You don't need to be a CS wizard to understand the paper. Plus, you can ignore the math part and yet appreciate the beauty of Bitcoin.

Some other examples: Bit Torrent, TOTP RFC.
november 2017 by andrewsoohwanlee