We Made a Tool So You Can Hear Both Yanny and Laurel - The New York Times

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5 days ago by noah
I was going to make this, but NY Times already did
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RT : play with this
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This is pretty dope. I found the place where I could here either one at will.
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6 days ago by jacobmorse
An auditory illusion: this sounds like "laurel" to some people and "yanny" to others. NY Times built a slider so you can make it more like one or the other.
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6 days ago by mcherm
Ich bin wohl ein bisschen spät dran, aber trotzdem höchst interessant:
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yanny laurel
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People all over the internet erupted in disagreement on Tuesday about an audio clip in which the name being said depends on the listener. Some hear “Laurel.”…
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7 days ago by scottsin
i have to go HARD RIGHT to get the yanny
7 days ago by yewknee
I only glancingly registered this controversy, very cool piece nonetheless
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7 days ago by meghanclare
Just do an FFT lads.
(This is actually pretty cool.)
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7 days ago by tkmharris
There's an aural illusion going around and I was finally able to hear "Yanny" with this slider tool.
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7 days ago by jennettefulda
Thank you NYT this is what I needed:
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7 days ago by ichthyos
Favorite tweet:

Yanny / Laurel is so much more fun than the dumb dress gamma thing. Here's where I am on the divide, exactly: https://t.co/SJ0rqUWPBa pic.twitter.com/yF0yFiG94S

— Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror) May 16, 2018
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7 days ago by chetan
Try this. It finally got me to Yanny. (Too much loud Who tunage back in the day I guess)
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7 days ago by walshman23
RT : the yanny vs laurel debate was tearing society apart so we made a thing so now you can all hear both
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8 days ago by Palafo
We built a tool to gradually accentuate different frequencies in the original audio clip.
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8 days ago by kohlmannj
the yanny vs laurel debate was tearing society apart so we made a thing so now you can all hear both
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8 days ago by jwtulp