The court’s decision to allow T-Mobile and Sprint to merge is clear: Sprint sucks - The Verge

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After a lengthy trial, a federal court ruled in favor of allowing T-Mobile and Sprint to merge yesterday, along with a complicated scheme to turn Dish Network into the fourth national wireless carrier over several years. via Pocket
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The court let T-Mobile buy Sprint because Sprint completely sucks via
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it turns out that Judge Marrero thinks CEO John Legere and the rest of T-Mobile’s executives are extremely cool and smart and that Dish Network is definitely trustworthy and that everything is going to work out great.
"Judge Marrero thinks Sprint is a bad company with a crap network run by dummies"

Also, the judge thinks that Sprint sucks. Really, if there’s one major takeaway here, it’s that Victor Marrero, a federal judge selected by Bill Clinton for a lifetime appointment on the federal judiciary, thinks that Sprint is a bad company with a crap network run by dummies. This is the law now.
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Victor Marrero, the judge in the Sprint merger trial decided T-Mobile would stay aggressive due to its public image, despite execs speaking of the merger in terms of raising prices
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I wrote 5,000 words about the miserably bad decision letting T-Mobile buy Sprint. I regret to inform you that I am now dead.…
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RT : Literally spewed potato chip bits on my phone laughing at this paragraph.
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I did enjoy the court's elaborate efforts to repeatedly dunk on Sprint, though
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