Charting Death

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Death: Reality vs Reported Site and writeup by Owen Shen. Data collection and analysis by Hasan Al-Jamaly , Maximillian Siemers , Owen Shen , and Nicole Stone .…
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How do people die?

How do people think we die?

And is there a difference?

Well, it turns out there's a fascinating study conducted by Paul Slovic and Barbara Combs where they looked at how often different types of deaths were mentioned in the news. They then compared the frequency of news coverage with the actual frequency of people who died for each cause.
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The results are what one might cynically expect:
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"For our final capstone project for the fantastic Bradley Voytek's COGS 108 course at UCSD, we thought it would be interesting for us to have our own go at examining potential disparities between actual deaths and their corresponding media attention."
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How people die vs. media coverage of death (cmts )
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