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"Minimalist YouTube (not affliated or endorsed). DM me on Twitter (@madamelic) for questions or problems."
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12 weeks ago by kmo
It's blazing fast
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12 weeks ago by jackysee
YouTube without the sidebar and comments
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april 2018 by baldguyken
Minimalist YouTube
april 2018 by burnmyeye
Search for a video, be pleased at the lack of crap. This likely won't be around forever.
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april 2018 by glass
Cut-down YouTube so you can focus
april 2018 by nezz
RT lunamoth : Tube - Minimalist YouTube // 유튜브 간소화 버전 괜찮네요 April 15, 2018 at 12:47PM
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april 2018 by seoulrain
Cut-down YouTube so you can focus
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april 2018 by fiatjaf