California Gov. Jerry Brown sets history’s most ambitious climate target - Vox

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Full carbon neutrality is now on the table for the world’s fifth largest economy.
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The key to understanding the significance of the goal is grokking the difference between “electricity” and “energy,” which has continually been blurred by the mainstream press (and by some enthusiastic environmentalists). Shutterstock Given its significance, Brown’s order justly could have served as a culminating announcement at the end of the big climate week, a kind of policy finale. For instance, carbon neutrality will require a great deal of the oil industry, which fought Brown tooth and nail for years, and of the NIMBYs that helped defeat SB 827 , the urban density bill. The following year, the legislature passed a version of it as AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 , which established the machinery of emission reductions that operates in the state to this day, including an empowered Air Resources Board (CARB) and a cap-and-trade system. Carbon dioxide can be distilled into a pure form and sold (for instance, by this fancy new natural gas power plant ), either to boost oil recovery or to be incorporated in other products.
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The world's fifth-largest economy is now targeting 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality by 2045.
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California Gov. Jerry Brown kicked off a week full of climate change news with an announcement, and boy was it a doozy: at once surprising, strange, and stunning.
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