"1195725856" and other mysterious numbers

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Maybe we should start printing ASCII in future in some of the error paths hit when all character values are between 0x0 and 0x7F, I'm sure it would help a lot of people realise what's going on much more quickly.

% python
>>> hex(1195725856)
>>> '\x47\x45\x54\x20'
'GET '
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>>> '\x47\x45\x54\x20'
'GET '
>>> '\x48\x45\x41\x44'
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Last week was the final week for this half's performance review at Facebook, where we write summaries of work and impact we and our peers had over the last half year. Naturally, that can only mean one thing: the entire company trends towards peak levels of procrastination, doing literally anything and everything to avoid the unspeakable horror of having to write a few paragraphs of text.
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On “1195725856” and other mysterious numbers
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