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Google and HTTP | ... and I totally agree.
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14 days ago by rickc57
I've been writing about Google's efforts to deprecate HTTP , the protocol of the web. This is a summary of why I am opposed to this. DW Something bad could…
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14 days ago by splorp
Google is doing what the programming priesthood always does, building the barrier to entry higher, making things more complicated, giving themselves an exclusive.
15 days ago by marzocchi
I'm a big fan of moving over to HTTPS in favour of staying on HTTP. This mainly comes down to two reasons: 1) I want to run on http2 and it requires https; and 2) I want to use Service Workers and have an offline progressive web ap... which also requires HTTPS. I'd never thought of the things that this article points out, looking at all the archives and historic pages on the web that can't afford to, don't have the technical know how, or just don't have anyone managing them any more. It's an interesting take on things.
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RT : I updated the Google and HTTP faq.
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I updated the Google and HTTP faq.
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Winer has standing.
24 days ago by jgordon
Dave Winer expands on his blog posts, arguing that the HTTPS movement is an attack on HTTP, done by Google.
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