Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal—dConstruct Conference Talk

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A history of fandom on Delicious and Pinboard. Oh, the memories!
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Tagging an Archive of Our Own
*see also .'s Fan is Tool Using Animal
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Great narrative on fandoms and how they utilize tools.
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Being a canny businessman, I posted a gentle reminder that there was still a bookmarking site that let you search on a slash tag.

So fandom dispatched a probe to see if I was worth further study. The emissaries talked to me a bit and explained that my site was missing some features that fans relied on.
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Cf this talk by Maciej Cegłowski Fan culture has an impressive track-record of doing things…
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Favorite tweet: englishmace

But the Organization for Transformative Works isn't here for that.

They know (we know) that Fan is a Tool-Using Animal.

And the Archive of Our Own is proof of that.

— Macey || Jennifer Mace (@englishmace) April 3, 2019
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You're probably wondering at this point, why is this weird Polish-named guy up on stage talking about Kirk drilling Spock?

And some of you may be thinking, “That's fine, please continue. Do you have any more slides?”

Well, I'm here by way of atonement, because I used to be a real jerk about fandom, and I used to make fun of them. Then I had a life-changing, road-to-Damascus moment. It involved a strange artifact that got produced partly because of something I did, which I'll describe in a few minutes. It taught me a great deal about community on the Internet.

As I've gotten to know fandom, I've grown convinced that they have a lot to teach us all. Fans are an example of real people using machines to talk to one another, rather than a manufactured and engineered attempt to graft social life onto a single website.
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The history of fandom, Delicious, and Pinboard, as written by the creator of Pinboard.
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