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Revisiting some opinions on how to pick a microcontroller - as a followup to SnapEDA's post on the Top 10 Microcontrollers on their site.
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Many months ago when I was on vacation, I had a chat with the fantastic people behind SnapEDA about my heavily opinionated thoughts around how to pick a microcontroller (aside: if you’re a hardware designer and you’ve never used SnapEDA – sign up for free and watch your life instantaneously become easier). They briefly wrote about those thoughts in their Top 10 Microcontrollers post.

Here we are about 6 months later, and I thought it would be good to re-visit some of those opinions. I’ve just selected a few new microcontrollers for some projects, so I’ve gone through these decisions again recently.

There are a multitude of factors to keep in mind when picking an MCU, but the problem is that there are usually TOO many factors, and it’s easy to get stuck into an “analysis paralysis” situation.

Below are a subset of design considerations when choosing an MCU, but you’ll notice that I dismiss some of them entirely.


To caveat everything in advance… Anything I’m talking about is related to the standard IoT/Wearables game – each industry has their own requirements that sometimes fall out of line, but I’m going to be generalizing. For example, a lot of the things I’m going to mention might be flipped on their head in aerospace or in the military (in fact, that last statement is 100% true) – but I’m just focusing on what I spend most of my time on.
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