Terra Nova - by winterhill - The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells (Yuletide 2017)

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This is the whole sorry story of how I cracked my governor module. It’s not a great story. I fell in a hole and there was a lot of snow.
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I woke in the snow, with a feeling like my back had been split open and then put clumsily back together. On reflection, it had; GT was quivering next to me, and I was aching but whole.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“I am functional,” I replied, because what sort of idiot asks a SecUnit how it feels? My feeds were immediately up, and processing the situation. In the time that I’d been ice picked unconscious, we’d been marooned. Thankfully, all of them had put their helmets on to limit the exposure of their skin to the cold, but not-so-thankfully, they had all left their comms channels open. Nina and Mertz were arguing about how to make a sled from cargo crates to carry the food that the mutineers had left us, Ky-Yen was brooding and looking at the horizon, GT was looking at me through the plexiglass of his faceplate with an expression that he probably thought looked worried but sort of looked constipated, and the medalist was actually making the sled, as opposed to arguing about how to make skis from the bottom rungs of a plastic pallet.

“What’s the best route to the beacon?” asked a voice behind me, and I turned to see Ky-Yen. It took mere moments to work out what he was thinking.

“The beacon isn’t our best bet,” I said. “We’re due for pickup within the window of time it will take us to walk there, assuming that you make half your maximum treadmill velocity per day.” It wasn’t an exact calculation, and I suspected they’d go slower still, but flattering clients was part and parcel of the governor.
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