3 tribes of programming

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3 tribes of programming
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There's fundamentally 3 archetypes of programmers, divided by which ideals we hold in highest esteem:

1. You are a poet and a mathematician. Programming is your poetry
2. You are a hacker. You make hardware dance to your tune
3. You are a maker. You build things for people to use
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3 tribes of programming There's an old joke that computer science is a lie, because its not really about computers, and its not really a science. Funny joke. Everyone laughs, then someone says "Yeah but it sort of is about computers though, isn't it?". Feet shuffle awkwardly.
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Joseph Gentle wrote this intriguing taxonomy of programmers: applied mathematicians, hardware hackers, and pragmatic makers. I was with him up to this point:

“I think we should aspire to be like Alan Kay and do all three. Him and his team regularly crosses multiple tribal lines. As an example, he invented object-oriented programming from watching children learn Squeak and Logo.”

This seems to imply that OOP is the final answer. Even Alan Kay [might not agree with this comclusion](https://www.quora.com/Experienced-programmers-and-computer-scientists-what-are-some-really-old-or-even-nearly-forgotten-books-you-think-every-new-programmer-should-read).
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Roughly, eloquence/beauty, performance, utility.
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