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>I spend most of my day working with tools that weren’t even in science fiction novels twenty-five years ago, and the money I spend on software is a bargain–doing this work without it is impossible.
Why I'm ambivalent about subscription software. With the major changes in the market (consumers not wanting to pay), especially on mobile, it may be the only viable model in the future.
I do strongly prefer the subscriptions that are for support and ongoing updates. If you stop paying, you can still use the app, you just don't benefit from further development.
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QUOTE To name a few, I’m glad to use and pay for: Overcast, Feedblitz, Discourse, Zapier, Dropbox, Roon, WavePad, Bench, Nisus, Zoom, Slack, SuperDuper, Mailchimp, Hover, TypeExpander, Tidal
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For a long time I didn't pay for software. I pirate copies, risk viruses with key generators, update my hosts file to trick software... anything to avoid paying for something. Nowadays I've changed, I'm in a better position to afford to pay for the tools that I use professionally, and even the ones that are free I try to contribute towards. It takes a lot of time to build things, this newsletter has taught me that ten times over, so when I'm able to I like to try and provide people who make things able to have a house and eat food while providing them. There are some subscriptions I wish were cheaper... but they're a professional expense and as professionals, we should charge in a way that allows us to pay for and afford the tools we're required to use.
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"In my experience, the great software companies are run by singleminded people who bend the physics of design to their will, creating powerful leverage for those that they serve. They are craftspeople, impatient with the status quo and eager to make things better."
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The business of software is a bit of a miracle. Properly designed, software isn’t more expensive to create when more people use it. In fact, when network effects are involved, it’s actually more efficient when more people use it.
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On paying for software
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