xkcd: Backpack Decisions

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february 2018 by stuntmanmike
Ha! It’s difficult to choose a bag.

I’m overly pleased with my relatively recent tactic: padded inserts in any bag.
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february 2018 by metaproof
It me. FWIW, currently using the Everyday Sling for EDC, GR1 for backpack, and GR2 for travel.
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february 2018 by kejadlen
"Backpack Decisions" Thanks for raising awareness about backpack FOMO.
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february 2018 by gr
I relate to this
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february 2018 by icco
"This one is perfect in every way, except that for some reason it's woven from a tungsten mesh, so it weighs 85 pounds and I'll need to carry it around on a hand cart." "That seems like a bad--" "BUT IT HAS THE PERFECT POCKET ARRANGEMENT!"
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february 2018 by rgl7194
xkcd: Backpack Decisions ::
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february 2018 by n8henrie
I identified with this A LOT. And of course it doesn't say that the best two backpacks you will ever own are The One You Bought On a Whim For 6th Form 22 Years Ago (that's the red and black Nike one, people who have seen me with backpacks) or the Knox Aeropack that they only made for one year because the cost of production was more than they could sell it for, but it's AWESOME.
february 2018 by miss_s_b
Arrrggggghhhh... so much angst.
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february 2018 by kyounger
Hey look it's a comic about my husband:
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february 2018 by toph
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february 2018 by joeybaker
Backpack Decisions
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february 2018 by ger
Backpack Decisions
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february 2018 by deathy