The Text Triumvirate

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zsh + tmux + vim
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december 2012 by waltonjones
"The Text Triumvirate is an alliance between the zsh, vim, and tmux."
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zsh + tmux + vim
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december 2012 by wjlroe
The Text Triumvirate via @prismatic 
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Really really great tutorial steps to settings up tmux, vim, zsh
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december 2012 by xer0x
The Text Triumvirate is an alliance between the zsh, vim, and tmux. Each of these venerable tools is extremely powerful in its own right; however, together they are an unmatched productivity force that rules all forms of text manipulation. This post aims to provide an overview of how to create a highly functional and easy to configure Text Triumvirate for those new to this tool chain. I try to focus on aspects of how to integrate zsh, vim, and tmux with particular focus on my experiences with two common problems—copy/paste functionality and color aesthetics.
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november 2012 by archangel
Mixing zsh, tmux, and vim for fun and profit.
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october 2012 by mattfinlayson
’s The Text Triumvirate is a good read, if you haven’t seen it yet:
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#vim #zsh #tmux #setup
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tools for optimizing the CLI experience on Mac OS X
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september 2012 by GreggInCA
set -g prefix Ctrl-a
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The Text Triumvirate
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september 2012 by benzimmer
Several people have contacted me asking how to setup tmux with the attractive status bar I displayed in the above screenshot. I learned how to do this from the wemux project. Assuming you have installed vim-powerline and are using patched fonts, you can simply append the following lines your your .tmux.conf file to get my status bar style. Thanks Matt Furden!
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september 2012 by bowbaq
Almost exactly how I have things set up, well written article.
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september 2012 by claytron
noremap <leader>y "*y
noremap <leader>yy "*Y
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august 2012 by tecartwright
All about a text editing environment very much based in UNIX and Vim
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good vim/tmux/zsh setup
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