[Vorkosigan] Snow Day by Philomytha

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"Is this normal?" Cordelia asked, staring out at the whitened world. It had started snowing last night, and now it was lying a foot deep across the gardens,…
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There was a bustle at the door, and Gregor came in. His face was more animated than Cordelia had seen it lately, and he was dragging his coat behind him. "Lady Cordelia," he said, coming to join her at the window, "Lady Cordelia, can we go out and build a snowman? Please?" Cordelia stooped down to his level, smiling. Gregor hadn't asked her for anything since coming back to the Residence, instead going meekly where he was told and responding in monosyllables. "A snowman?" she said. "Sure, kiddo. But you'll have to show me how. I've never built a snowman before."
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Cordelia's first day of snow.
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