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Im Volltext: Facebook-Sprech zum neuen News Feed
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By Adam Mosseri , Head of News Feed Facebook was built to bring people closer together and build relationships. One of the ways we do this is by connecting…
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With this update, we will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. To do this, we will predict which posts you might want to interact with your friends about, and show these posts higher in feed. These are posts that inspire back-and-forth discussion in the comments and posts that you might want to share and react to – whether that’s a post from a friend seeking advice, a friend asking for recommendations for a trip, or a news article or video prompting lots of discussion.
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Short translation of today’s Facebook news: () “Publishers: fuck you”
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The language coming out of top FB execs tonight about these changes is more blunt and straightforward than you usually get. See this from the head of News Feed.…
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Aaaaaand here's Facebook's announcement:
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