Don't Buy Anyone a Ring Camera

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It’s under Congressional scrutiny for poor data security and problematic privacy practices. It’s been engaged in dubious secret partnerships with police departments who can gain access to private home security camera feeds.
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There’s a chance you had never heard of Ring cameras before Amazon bought the company for as much as $1.8 billion last year.
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The first problem is a technical one. Using the Ring app automatically enrolls you in Neighbors, and there’s no way to opt-out. You don’t have to post any frightening crime reports to the Neighbors feed, but if you want to use any Ring hardware, you have to be involved in the service. You can also sign up for Neighbors if you don’t own any Ring products but are interested in policing your community.

That leads right into problem number two. Once you’re enrolled in Neighbors—and remember, you have to be if you’re using any Ring hardware—your videos or data could be shared with law enforcement agencies when requested. This sort of thing wouldn’t be terribly different than any other tech company’s practice of giving cops user data if presented with a warrant, but as Motherboard reported earlier this year, Ring has hundreds of once-secret partnerships with police forces around the country, partnerships that gave cops access to a “portal” where they could access video from Ring cameras in exchange for providing Ring with free advertising. The device’s owners must give permission to share these videos with police, but it’s also unclear how users might be compelled to share it.
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Do Not Normalize Surveillance

Don't Buy Anyone a Ring Camera
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Don’t buy anyone a Ring camera
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Don't Buy Anyone a Ring Camera
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