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Simplified Fluid Typography via Instapaper
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11 hours ago by bishbashbosh
I loved it when we could declare different font sizes between breakpoints to have the best typography for the given width, but when the typography locks were introduced things go a whole lot better.
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16 hours ago by justinavery
Fluid typography is the idea that font-size (and perhaps other attributes of type, like line-height) change depending on the screen size (or perhaps container queries if we had them). The core trickery comes from viewport units. You can literally set type in viewport units (e.g. font-size: 4vw), but the fluctuations in size are so extreme that's usually undesirable. Let's look at a technique for tamping the extremes, but it basically a one-liner now that CSS is evolving!</blockquote...
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3 days ago by seb_collet
fluid typography
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4 days ago by jshwlkr
Simplified Fluid Typography
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4 days ago by siggiarni
But as long as we're pushing the limits, there is another function to simplify things even more: clamp()! Clamp takes three values, a min, max, and a flexible unit (or calculation or whatever) in the middle that it will use in case the value is between the min and max. So, our one-liner gets even smaller:
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4 days ago by spaceninja
New CSS functions!
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6 days ago by leereamsnyder