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Our Goal: Open Virtual Assistants for the Open Web. Virtual assistants are the new interface to the Web. Almond provides a uniform interface to your physical devices, your social network accounts, and many more services. Almond wants to let you access anything on the Internet, from your assistant. Almond capabilities are defined in Thingpedia, a crowdsourced repository of commands and interfaces to online services and Internet of Things.
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Almond Almond translates your commands into a personalized program. Brought to you by the Stanford Open Virtual Assistant Lab.
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Not sure how well something like this will work, but glad folks are working on it.
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See how Almond helps Kimmy babysit. Learn how you can use Almond for your tasks. Our Goal: Open Virtual Assistants for the Open Web Virtual assistants are the…
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The Open, Privacy-Preserving Virtual Assistant
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whoa this looks like it could be cool:

Almond, an open virtual assistant from Stanford
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The open virtual assistant from Standford
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Via Doc Searls on the ProjectVRM email list.
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Almond - The Open, Privacy-Preserving Virtual Assistant
(Siri + Alexa's discrete siste…
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Almond lets you interact with your services and accounts in natural language, with flexibility and privacy.
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The Open Virtual Assistant
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