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june 2013 by kapluni
I’ve wanted to put together a long-form introductory Clojure screencast for some time. I had an opportunity to do this in grand style yesterday in a live O’Reilly webcast, but, for various reasons, I wasn’t fond of how that came together. So, I cut another live coding screencast that introduces, in various levels of detail:
april 2013 by kguelseven
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july 2012 by adharmad
Watching: Starting Clojure (mk. 2) | cemerick #clojure
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may 2012 by gmwils
A screencast introduction to Clojure. Involves writing a very simple URL shortener website.
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may 2012 by thelibrarian
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may 2012 by cpdis
Chas Emerick's excellent video introduction to clojure and the counterclockwise eclipse plugin
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may 2012 by yfel