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Exactly! Fast forward 40 years later to King Gustav IIIs coffee experiment to prove it's negative effects
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The king ordered the experiment to be conducted using two identical twins. Both of the twins had been tried for the crimes they had committed and condemned to death. Their sentences were commuted to life imprisonment on the condition that one of the twins drank three pots[1] of coffee, and the other drank the same amount of tea, every day for the rest of their lives.[4]

Two physicians were appointed to supervise the experiment and report its finding to the king.[5] Unfortunately, both doctors died, presumably of natural causes, before the experiment was completed.[4] Gustav III, who was assassinated in 1792, also died before seeing the final results. Of the twins, the tea drinker was the first to die, at age 83; the date of death of the surviving coffee drinker is unknown.[6]
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