Rocket - A Rust game running on WASM

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Pretty straightforward game with a great write-up and explanation.
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Just another programming blog
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After seeing the examples on, I thought it would be interesting to try to adapt my game Rocket to work on the browser through the wasm32-unknown-unknown target. The project was a great way to figure out how far you can go when porting a project that is a bit more complex than a hello world. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that most of the code could be reused. Particularly, the game logic code was barely touched at all.
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Just another programming blog
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Just another programming blog
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Cool! Someone wrote a game in Web Assembly (via ) and it runs on my phone!

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Walkthrough of porting code to the browser.
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Two weeks ago, Alex Crichton’s PR adding a target forWebAssembly to the Rust compiler was merged. There are many differencesbetween this target and the…
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Rocket - A Rust game running on WASM
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