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Need to create a workflow that is text based..... come in ASCII Flow!
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7 days ago by justinavery
I suppose if you don't want to pay for Monodraw, there's this
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9 days ago by leereamsnyder
ASCIIFlow 是一个在线的纯文本流程图表制作工具,通过 ASCII 来绘制流程图,非常简洁易用。

6 weeks ago by joelz
Infinite ASCII diagrams, save to Google Drive, resize, freeform draw, and export straight to text/html.
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april 2018 by Ziya
How did I just find out about ?!?! This is AMAZING. ASCII flowchart designer, drag and drop…
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april 2018 by jpreyer
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february 2018 by pronoiac
"My primary goal when creating this website was to provide a simple way to embed flow diagrams or drawings within emails, blogs, text based media. However, since starting development it has started to become more than this, with a link to export drawings to DITAA, as well as sharing and saving."
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january 2018 by eric.brechemier
在线创建 ASCII 风格的流程图,支持导入/导出、以及保存到 Google Drive。
january 2018 by xuxiaodong
Make diagrams in text (ascii) - for example to include in emails.
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january 2018 by stijn
permet de dessiner des schémas en ASCII.
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january 2018 by Patrick.Honorez
This is fucking AWESOME - point and click ASCII diagrams
january 2018 by mrled