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Joshua Davis
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wow. incredibly spectacular generative work from - -
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Generative Art Finds Its Prodigy, by @artnome with @manoloidee. “The most beautiful parts of the work are born from the errors. From these errors, I take an idea and it stays. They are beautiful errors.”

— hardmaru (@hardmaru) September 10, 2018
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Manolo's work feels like it is the result of the entire contents of twentieth-century art and design being put into a blender. Once chopped down into its most essential geometry, Manolo then lovingly pieces it back together with algorithms and code to produce art that is simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic. His work serves as a welcome (and needed) bridge into digital art and an antidote for those who see the genre as cold, mechanical, and discontinuous with the history of art.

We couldn't be more excited to share our interview with Manolo, his first to be published in English. But before we dive in, let's have some fun and deconstruct a few examples of his work. For me, seeing his work side by side with the masters of twentieth-century art highlights just how well it holds its own.
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In our last article " Why Love Generative Art ?" we had a blast putting the genre into the context of modern art history. In this article we interview…
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