Text messages delayed from February were mysteriously sent overnight - The Verge

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Something strange is happening with text messages in the US right now. Overnight, a multitude of people received…
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13 days ago by nertzy
Syniverse said a single server was at fault: that server failed on February 14th, trapping messages waiting to be sent out; the server was only brought back online on November 7th. When that happened, all of the messages were finally delivered.
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14 days ago by libbymiller
Yeah this really freaked me and my girlfriend out last night.
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Honestly if this story had been published last week I'd have assumed viral marketing for a spooky thriller
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Serious system glitch betrays that carriers are storing your SMS messages for _months_, then resending them spuriously
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15 days ago by nelson
This is terrible--I hope more details come out about why this happened.
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omg this has already been optioned into a Love, Actually style multiple-converging-plot romcom hasn’t it
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