Philosophy of Computer Science

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William J. RapaportDepartment of Computer Science and Engineering,Department of Philosophy, Department of Linguistics,and Center for Cognitive ScienceUniversity at Buffalo, The State University of New York,Buffalo, NY 14260-2500 ªª∼rapaport/DRAFTc©2004–2019ºº by William J. RapaportSeptember 6, 2019
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This book looks at some of the central issues in the philosophy of computer science. It is not designed to answer all (or even any) of the philosophical questions that can be raised about the nature of computing, computers, and computer science. Rather, it is designed to “bring you up to speed” on a conversation about these issues—to give you some background knowledge—so that you can read the literature for yourself and perhaps become part of the conversation by contributing your own views.
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Philosophy of Computer Science [pdf] ()
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Philosophy of Computer Science
by William J. Rapaport
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