Boris Johnson's Secret Plan To Gather "Targeted And Personalised" Data Before Brexit

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Lurer på hva det britiske Datatilsynet - råtassen i Europa - mener om dette. Stryk det, jeg lurer egentlig ikke.
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In a separate document seen by BuzzFeed News, departments were told that GDS had been asked to collect data about “key Brexit services” by the end of August 30.
“We have identified a subset of key Brexit services and are already working with those service teams, we are now working to add all other services, including those not related to Brexit,” it said.
Departments were asked to sign a memorandum of understanding setting out the terms of the sharing arrangement and to return it to the Cabinet Office by the end of September 3.
Freeguard, from the Institute for Government, said: “More intelligent and joined up use of data could be a big improvement – for Brexit preparations and elsewhere across government. But doing data in the dark could lead to a loss of public trust and make citizens much more hesitant in allowing their data to be used in future.”
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BuzzFeed News understands that some officials in Whitehall are concerned about such an enormous transfer of data being done at speed, behind closed doors, at a time of national crisis. It is not obvious, one said, how the Cabinet Office having access to all the GOV.UK data from across Whitehall will aid its Brexit preparations.

Privacy campaigners, policy experts and opposition politicians said the move raised a huge number of legal and ethical questions. Pooling the user data from across government would give GDS a detailed picture of people's online interactions with government, the privacy experts said, and this should not be done without the public’s knowledge and rigorous checks to ensure that data rights will be protected.

“Secret orders are not the way to handle these complex policies that have generated huge controversies in the past,” Javier Ruiz Diaz, head of policy at the Open Rights Group, told BuzzFeed News. “We need consultation and public debate to build social consensus for any new gathering of personal data, including the appropriate safeguards.”

“Citizens have a right to know how their data is being used,” said Gavin Freeguard, head of transparency and data at the Institute for Government think tank. “Government should be having the debates and discussion about the appropriate use of data in public, with the public, rather than sending secret notes to cabinet committees.”
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Boris Johnson's Secret Plan To Gather "Targeted And Personalised" Data Before Brexit via Instapaper
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