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The goal is simple. We want to build A.I. technology that can become incredibly smart (smart enough to cure cancer, end world hunger, etc.), but whose intelligence is controlled by a human with a key, such that the application of intelligence is limited. Unlimited learning is great, but unlimited application of that knowledge is potentially dangerous.

To introduce this idea, I'll quickly describe two very exciting fields of research: Deep Learning and Homomorphic Encryption.
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A machine learning craftsmanship blog.
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<< With the approach above, you could train a regular, decrypted neural network for a while, encrypt it, send it to Party A with a public key (who trains it for a while on their own data... which remains in their possession). Then, you could get the network back, decrypt it, re-encrypt it with a different key and send it to Party B who does some training on their data. Since the network itself is what's enrypted, you get total control over the intelligence that you're capturing along the way. Party A and Party B would have no way of knowing that they each received the same network, and this all happens without them ever being able to see or use the network on their own data. You, the company, retain control over the IP in the neural network, and each user retains control over their own data. >>

I suspect that this isn't actually going to work but bookmarking for future digestion.
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Building Safe AI: A Tutorial on Homomorphically Encrypted Deep Learning: (
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TLDR: In this blogpost, we're going to train a neural network that is fully encrypted during training (trained on unencrypted data). The result will be a neural network with two beneficial properties.
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Building Safe AI: A Tutorial on Homomorphically Encrypted Deep Learning ()
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Building Safe AI: A Tutorial on Homomorphically Encrypted Deep Learning.
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