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Maybe my workflow is a lot easier than others, but I work on a team of 10+ engineers and my Git usage is dead simple. I do everything from a GUI (Fork for macOS) and very rarely have to deal with any complicated issues that require a terminal.

- Always pull w/ rebase for the current branch.

- Always merge other branches into your current branch, eg master -> feature.

- Always stage individual chunks of code one at a time to make sure I'm committing the right stuff.

- Always squash feature branches into a single commit when merging back.

- Stash changes if needed when switching branches.

- Cherry-pick one-off commits if needed.

- Append a previous commit that I haven't pushed yet if I happened to forget something.

- For complicated merge conflicts I switch to Visual Studio Code which also has a great GUI.

I think this covers 99% of the stuff I encounter in my day-to-day.
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