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The best-designed machine-learning systems are the ones that can pass on the unclear or low-confidence decisions and redirect them to humans. But when humans are looking only at the difficult, muddiest, most intractable cases, not only will morale suffer, but human workers’ chances of making the “right” decision will drop as well. The frustration will only be compounded when their accuracy, as humans, is compared with that of a robot, which will continue to pick off the easiest work.

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Even this kind of automation may prove welcome in at least some fields. Lawyers who dislike the drudgery of routine, bureaucratic work might welcome an opportunity to concentrate on more challenging and complex problems. Yet focusing on the hard stuff is a more natural instinct if you can pick your clients and bill your time at a handsome rate. If you’re a content moderator reviewing videos for a social-media platform, you’re paid a much lower hourly wage, and your potential work queue is practically infinite.

At the least, the companies deploying artificial intelligence on a grand scale will need to acknowledge that the salaries and skills of the people working alongside more and more sophisticated AI are not growing in conjunction with the difficulty of their work. Artificial-intelligence systems are being designed to serve immediate business needs—and in the absence of ethical codes that take into account the well-being of the humans affected by them.
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An interesting take on a negative externality of improvements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
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An artificial-intelligence robot works as an assistant for students at Palomar College in California. Mike Blake / Reuters When machines start picking off all…
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As ml takes the easy calls, humans end up with jobs that are all hard exhausting challenges
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