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"Jaylah," says Spock, long-suffering. His commandants and science officers are staring, circumspectly. "Please use the utensils I have provided you with to complete your meal."

Jaylah lifts a stalk of celery in her hands, and puts it into her mouth with a mighty, echoing crunch.

"No," she says.

"Please," Spock repeats. He never repeats himself. He has never felt such an acute sense of desperation in public; throwing out the Starfleet application he'd never submitted barely came close.

"No!" says Jaylah, enjoying the opportunity for defiance. Then, "When I go home?"
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"They find the child in the burned-out hull of a Romulan command shuttle.

"I," she says, and stops. "Jaylah."

"I am Captain Spock, of the Vulcan Science Academy's Class-Nine outfitted research vessel. For what purpose have you been abandoned here?"

She stares at him, then grins, wide and gap-toothed. "Captainspock," she says, giggling. "Are funny.""
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