Apple is sharing your face with apps. That’s a new privacy worry. - The Washington Post

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RT : Comme prévu, cède des données biométriques à des tiers
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RT : Comme prévu, cède des données biométriques à des tiers
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Was man alles für Schindluder mit deinen Gesichtsdaten treiben kann, werden wir und Apple schon noch lernen
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Now that a phone can scan your mug, what else might apps want to do with it? They could track your expressions to judge if you’re depressed. They could guess your gender, race and even sexuality. They might combine your face with other data to observe you in stores—or walking down the street.
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Some good FUD here:

I only made it 3 paragraphs in before my eyes rolled out of my…
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And that's why I won't ever turn on something like this.
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Apple is sharing your facial wireframe with apps
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Geoffrey Fowler:
<p>Apple’s face tech sets some good precedents—and some bad ones. It won praise for storing the face data it uses to unlock the iPhone X securely on the phone, instead of sending it to its servers over the Internet.

Less noticed was how the iPhone lets other apps now tap into two eerie views from the so-called TrueDepth camera. There’s a wireframe representation of your face and a live read-out of 52 unique micro-movements in your eyelids, mouth and other features. Apps can store that data on their own computers.

To see for yourself, use an iPhone X to download an <a href="">app called MeasureKit</a>. It exposes the face data Apple makes available. The app’s maker, Rinat Khanov, tells me he’s already planning to add a feature that lets you export a model of your face so you can 3D print a mini-me.

“Holy cow, why is this data available to any developer that just agrees to a bunch of contracts?” said Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst at Forrester Research…

…It’s not clear how Apple’s TrueDepth data might change the kinds of conclusions software can draw about people. But from years of covering tech, I’ve learned this much: Given the opportunity to be creepy, someone will take it.

Using artificial intelligence, face data “may tell an app developer an awful lot more than the human eye can see,” said Forrester’s Khatibloo. For example, she notes researchers recently used AI to more-accurately determine people’s sexuality just from regular photographs. That study had limitations, but still “the tech is going to leapfrog way faster than consumers and regulators are going to realize,” said Khatibloo.</p>

Fowler's point about the creep of creepiness is well made. (Though note it's not detailed enough to hack your phone.)
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Apple is sharing your face with apps. That’s a new privacy worry.
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The app MeasureKit shows the wireframe model and other face data that the iPhone X opens to developers. (Photo by Jhaan Elker/The Washington Post) Poop that…
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