Practical Color Theory for People Who Code

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Increasing contrast is one of the ways you can immediately improve your design on all levels. Your layout should still work when you take out ALL of the color information (desaturate it all, take out all of the hue information, and leave only lightness and darkness to differentiate between areas). Just about every famous master painting still looks amazing if you desaturate the whole thing.
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This is a demo of my functions for a complementary color scheme - pick any color on the color wheel and the functions will make sure that the scheme will still work!
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A great introductory article on colour theory which is extended into how we can apply it simply through some mixins. So get ready to be mixin some colours together (pun intended... I'm so sorry)
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Practical Color Theory for People Who Code
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Practical Color Theory for People Who Code
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Practical Color Theory for People Who Code - 
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I abstracted my domain knowledge as a fine artist into variables and functions in order to reveal color selection as being logical, predictable, and driven by principles anyone can learn. Sass color functions give you the same creative power as owning a set of paints, brushes, and canvas.
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Looks like a good way to pick colours.
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Practical Color Theory for People Who Code
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