Data to Viz | A collection of graphic pitfalls

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A collection of dataviz caveats by
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A collection of data visualization errors. With explanations as to why. And suggestions to change. Useful.
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RT HaniDatablog : Data to Viz | A collection of graphic pitfalls. 데이터 시각화 작업을 할 때 흔히 저지르는 실수들을 정리하고 대안을 제시한 글 모음입니다. (영어 자료.) August 09, 2018 at 02:08PM
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viz pitfalls
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Good set of dos and don'ts for different dataviz approaches
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A collection of dataviz
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A collection of dataviz caveats and pitfalls.
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A useful collection of illustrated bad practices in data visualization, with suggested alternatives.
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