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Mapzen is shutting down and their migration page is a clearinghouse of interesting mapping APIs.
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List of geo tools that could be used for servelegal
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Find alternatives to hosted Mapzen services, which will shut down February 1, 2018
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Mapzen will cease operations at the end of January 2018, and its hosted APIs and all related support and services will turn off on February 1, 2018.

Your two options are to switch to another hosted API that offers similar functionality, or to run your own servers with the open-source projects that powered Mapzen services. We list several options below to make this as easy as possible.

Alternate services and hosted APIs
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good list of mapping options / services / tools.
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RT : Mapzen Alternatives
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Great list of map-related APIs.
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fun while it lasted. some consolation: open source and open data means our work will live on
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Remarkably good list of open source mapping tools and services, a sad side effect of the shutdown of Mapzen
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