The Deep Sea

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The Deep Sea
Made with by Neal Agarwal
Bottlenose Dolphin Dive
Green Sea Turtle
Beluga Whale
Sea Lion
Velvet Crab
Staghorn Coral
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RT : This made me anxious and blew my mind at the same time...
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A super cool web-based dive to the bottom of the seas, showing the relative depth of critters you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t. Worth a scroll!…
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Scrollllllllllllllll down the dark depths of the ocean in this piece by
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Scroll down the deep sea and explore marine life.
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Scroll down the deep sea and explore marine life.
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The Japanese Spider Crab is the largest known crab with a maximum leg span of 3.8m.
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The Deep Sea, by Neal Agarwal

The deeper you go, the weirder it gets.
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Explore the ocean depths. /via [waxy](
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The Deep Sea: new project from Neal Agarwal, a constant source of joyful old-school internet
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