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The article is about the story behind SuperMemo, a flash card app from Poland. It's a super long read, a bit tedius and trivial, but still has some jewelries in it:
* The problem of forgetting might not torment us so much if we could only convince ourselves that remembering isn't important. Perhaps the things we learn - words, dates, formulas, historical and biographical details - don't really matter. Facts can be looked up. That's what the Internet is for. When it comes to learning, what really matters is how things fit together. We master the stories, the schemas, the frameworks, the paradigms; we rehearse the lingo; we swim in the episteme.
* "That's as objective as you can get in terms of a user's sense of achievement." The false sense of achievement. The sole problem here, from the psychologists' perspective, is that the user's sense of achievement is exactly what we should most distrust.

Anki (alternative of SuperMemo):
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Link is to a Wired article about SuperMemo. More resources (many endorsements of Anki as an alt to SuperMemo) in comments.
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