Becoming a high performing software developer working from your bedroom

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"What to do when you don’t feel like working?
Have you had unproductive days where you just felt like watching a bunch of movies on Netflix back to back or playing your favorite computer game, even though you know that there’s work to be done? That happens to everyone. It starts off as a bad day and before you know it, you not only fall back on your todo list, but also start to feel guilty for not getting any work done.

The best thing to do in that situation is to accept the fact that you are not feeling in the zone. But the solution is not to give in into that feeling and start binge watching Netflix either. You can do one of two things in that situation.

Start working on your most favorite thing on the project. It can be the least priority task in that project. So, instead of working on that advanced role-based permission system that you’ve been working on for the past week, you can start tweaking the button color and font-size on the user signup form. That is going to give you some dopamine hits in the form of small wins and can eventually motivate you to get back on track. This way, you are accomplishing some kind of work without wasting your time and your team is going to be happy with the new update you made on the signup form, which can in-turn increase more customer signup.
Refactor your code. Pick up any piece of code that you’ve told yourself many times that it has to be refactored, and start making it better and shorter. Every software codebase needs to be refactored once in a while. Refactoring usually is not going to be as tasking as working on a new feature so it’s a much easier way of getting yourself into the zone."
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