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why go off grid? - YouTube
Something to think about on a Monday morning commute

My self and my partner have started a life long project to get off grid. useing permaculture to get back to nature and live with it, not destroy it. my videos will be of my progress along the way.
DIY  video 
11 weeks ago by zumzz
Planck - Keyboard Layout Editor
a 4-layer configuration for planck keyboard
DIY  keyboard 
april 2016 by zumzz
Choosing an Overland Campervan
Choosing a campervan. Stephen Stewart gives really solid information to consider when looking to invest in an overland campervan
travel  DIY  automotive 
may 2013 by zumzz
My Campervan
Xor is run by Stephen Stewart. This guy has done a lot of overland trips in campervans (Bimobil EX480). Lots of documentation for overland trips, plus excellent travel documentation! Looks fun
travel  DIY  automotive 
may 2013 by zumzz

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