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The Perfect Turkey Cooking Temperature | ThermoWorks
Learn what temperature to cook a turkey from the experts at Thermoworks. We will teach you the perfect turkey cooking temperature and how to check for it.
article  tutorial  cooking  turkey  Thanksgiving  reference 
21 days ago by zomigi
Alternating Medicines to Treat Fever in Children 6 Months and Up - KnowYourOTCS
If your child needs a fever reducer, it is best to choose one type of medicine: either acetaminophen (Children’s Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Children’s Motrin, Children’s Advil).
Always consult your doctor first if you are considering alternating between acetaminophen and ibuprofen to treat a stubborn fever.
If your doctor does recommend alternating, write down on a piece of paper the dosage of each medicine used and the exact time it was given in order to avoid an accidental overdose.</b...
article  babies  kids  medical  medicine  reference 
9 weeks ago by zomigi
2018 Working Mother 100 Best Companies | Working Mother
This year’s winners help working parents succeed at home and at work by providing expanded parental leaves, more flexibility with work hours, assistance for special needs, and opportunities for career development.
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9 weeks ago by zomigi
Spice Advice
which spices go with which foods
reference  cooking  spices 
october 2014 by zomigi
Zalando Help - FAQ
children's measurements and sizes in EU
Europe  reference  units  children  clothes 
august 2014 by zomigi
how much to tip in different countries
travel  reference  money  tips  international 
august 2014 by zomigi
tables of browser variants of 3 versions of flexbox spec
webdev  css3  browsers  flexbox  css  reference 
august 2013 by zomigi
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